Getting accepted to Ebay Affiliate Program?

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Hey guys/gals, i was recently rejected by Ebay affiliate program, but I NEED to be accepted. Does any1 know how I can go about getting this done? what are the requirements to ensure acceptance. THANK!!!!
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    It would help to know the reason that you were rejected.
    Have you contacted them about it?
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      Nope I have not. But I heard that they wont disclose the reason with affiliates. I was told I need a REAL website from another marketer. Not sure what exactly constitutes a REAL website...?
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        I just had the same thing happen to me the other day,

        I sent them an email inquiring as to the reason but haven't recieved a response yet.

        I am interested in how you get this resolved as well.

        Good luck and I will also update here with anything I hear.

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    I am an affiliate for Ebay but all I did was sign-up and got accepted. Perhaps they allow you to become part of the program if you already have a regular account that has feedback on it. My regular account is over 2 yrs old.
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      It seems pretty random but I am sure there is a method to the madness. I was turned down and never received a reason. I have had an account for a long time so it does not make much sense to me.
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    i tried several times, this includes using my URL so I have no idea what the deal is.. pretty annoying though
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    Try setting up a blog - it can even be a free Blogger or Wordpress blog. Make 5 or 6 posts to the blog and then sign up using that as the url you enter in the sign up page - that often works
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      thanks for the advice Sheryl,

      As that is what I am planning to do I'll crate the blog, I tried sending them to my static site and that is what got denied...I guess.

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    Oh one more thing - it will also depend on what email address you use when you sign up. If you use an email that is a yahoo, gmail type free email they will not approve you - you need to use a paid email like the email linked to your domain.
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    wow, thanks sheryl I think I used a free email service. That may be it. Ill try again and see what happens. Thanks
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    Quite a few of my customers who bought websites from me have been rejected too. But when they appeal, it seems they then get accepted. I think maybe ebay is trying to "weed out" the serious affiiliates.

    The sites they used to apply with were really nice content sites on their own .com domain. Not sure what they used as an email though - I never thought about that so thanks for mentioning it Sheryl - I'll be sure to advise my customers accordingly!

    Gone Fishing
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    I never had problems when i used ebay as an affiliate but i have good ebay feedback too
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    Forget their affiliate program!

    Seriously it's set up by apes and you'll lose a lot of commissions. If someone clicks your ads or dynamic link and signs in with their UK eBay account you'll get paid a whopping.. $0.

    I could list thousands of reasons why they are un-ethical but let's just leave it at that for respect of Warrior rule no.1.

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    I haven't tried signing up as their affiliate but it seems horrible..
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      Here is the oh so helpfull reply recieved from ebay

      "eBay Partner Network, as well as each eBay Advertiser, have carefully
      screened all fields of your application, including your program
      description and related website URLs if you listed any. Our criteria for
      applications are updated on an as needed basis and may differ among
      programs. For security reasons, we do not reveal our exact criteria for
      accepting affiliates into each program. After carefully reviewing your
      application information, we have determined that you are not a suitable
      affiliate for the ePN program at this time. "

      Glad to see they are willing to help out...feel the sarcasm here..

      I'm gonna try again..just not sure what I am gonna do different.

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    If you search in Google "ebay affiliate program" click on the 2nd link, then scroll down and click on the Join the eBay affiliate program link. If you notice, it redirects to a subdomain of

    As you can see, eBay is asking you to fill out a "short application" if you're NOT already a Commission Junction publisher.

    I suggest you first become a member and then apply to the affiliate program.

    Good luck!

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    Originally Posted by The_Light View Post

    Hey guys/gals, i was recently rejected by Ebay affiliate program, but I NEED to be accepted. Does any1 know how I can go about getting this done? what are the requirements to ensure acceptance. THANK!!!!
    Why do you "need" to be accepted as an ebay affiliate?

    There are hundreds of affiliate programs, with all the time and energy your wasting on this, you could have applied to dozens others and been accepted by now.
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    I to have been rejected by the eBay affiliate program and then decided that while it would be nice it is not a mandatory part if my business. Just to many other programs out there that will accept you, all you need to do is apply to most of them. Show a decent site and usually your in.


    "Punish The Deed, Not The Breed"

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  • The PepperJam network also has eBay as an affiliate program and you can try and sign up through PepperJam. eBay has become really strict in terms of the folks they let into the program. If the website that you gave them when you signed up was a "thin" affiliate site (not a lot of content) you will almost always get rejected.

    Most of the folks that get rejected end up getting accepted with PepperJam.

    I've always had great success using eBay's affiliate program in conjunction with Google Adwords. This month has been a banner month for me.

    Yeah, since eBay decided to take their affiliate program in house (away from Commission Junction), they have had some growing pains but I have been happy with them so far.
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    I don't know what you did but, I just signed up and got accepted with no hassle. It was pretty simple. Try again.

    For All Your Website Traffic Needs visit Easy Website Traffic Coaching!

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    When I applied for the ebay affiliate program a while back, I did so during their freeze. So, initially I wasn't accept, but I wasn't rejected either. I submitted a link to a friend's site actually, but the site was rather aged (at least 6 months) and was consistently updated with content. I did use a domain-based contact email rather than a free one, and I waited. I waited nearly 2 months to be accepted but it came.
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    Believe me being an affiliate on eBay isn't good...
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      Make sure that with the site you identify in your application, in addition to saturating it with compelling, original content, you include a privacy statement and contact info. Without those you'll automatically be rejected.
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    3 reasons you might be being reject by Ebay affiliate program...

    1. Your site does not have enough traffics.

    2. You didn't perform well when you are affiliated with eBay Affiliate Program under Commission Junction.

    3. Your site is not attractive enough.

    The best way to get accepted to an affiliate program is to call the affiliate manager and find out what you can do to generate a better response.
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      I've noticed that they've also become "IP" restrictive.
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        I've checked some other sites, and the advice seems similar. You basically have to have a site with a lot of content or give them some other reason to accept you.

        Amazon for one still basically gives you automatic acceptance. Since you are the one giving them traffic, I would think that is what any company should do.

        Give your glass products the strength of 9H tempered glass with Dglass Coat.

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