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Fluxer 8th June 2011 05:38 PM

Clickbank Order not approved
Hi guys,

I did read some this in the earlier posts like 2-3 years ago but was wondering if anyone still has these payment errors. Like mentioned on the post ( sorry i dont have the link here ) i can accept that if some of these payments are declined due to pro-refunders, etc but i've even tried using CCs that have never bought anything online before and even Paypal.

The error messages that i'm getting are like :

'Order was not approved (0)'
'Order was not approved. Please use another card (0)'

I've seen the tail-end of the messages vary from (0) to (1) to (2).

I've tried accessing some of these pages, some through mobile some through different browsers and the results are not really conclusive on what could be the problem. As with many online businesses, whatever tickets sent regarding their shortcomings or their internal issues perhaps is usually not responded to.

Just wanted to know your experiences on this matter. Cheers.

nicolas simpson 8th June 2011 08:25 PM

Re: Clickbank Order not approved
i just got a sale refunded..its crazy

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