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I was wondering about these folks who sell PLR web sites, typically WordPress sites. How do they package them up for delivery so someone can install them on their servers? Is there a simple way to do this, or does it take great knowledge of the technicalities to get it done?
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    They'll usually include the theme (for looks), plugins (if necessary, for functionality)
    and the database.

    All the buyer would have to do is upload the theme files as well as the plugins,
    then install the database via cpanel for the posts and pages.

    Another way to do this, to avoid cpanel, is for the seller to export the wordpress
    posts and pages(in /wp-admin) and include in the download for the end user to
    import into their blog.

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      the easiest method nowadays is using BackupBuddy plugin....
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    I would install it for them as an added bonus...Great karma is hard to beat!
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      Originally Posted by Drew Jones View Post

      I would install it for them as an added bonus...Great karma is hard to beat!
      When you are selling sites for $10 to $15 each, that is kind of hard to do, and make even minimum wage.

      Tim Pears

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    Here is how I would do it:

    1. Let them install a plugin called "plugin central" (at the moment 2.4.1.)
    2. Send them a email with a list of plugin urls from wordpress org
    3. Instruct the customer to go to the dashboard - plugins - plugin central
    4. Insert the list of urls
    5. Click install

    (I'm not affiliated with the "plugin central" plugin or something, I started to use the plugin just recently and I think it works great)
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    I sell plr blogs myself and I use the backupbuddy plugin to create the files I sent to my buyer. (I remove the plugin itself from the zipfile though, once the file is on my computer). Then they can easily set up the new site on their hosting/domain name following the importscript.

    Before I used Backupbuddy, I did it "manually", meaning I downloaded the database to my computer as well as the wp-content file, which I sent to my buyers.

    Taking it one day at a time!
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    Hi - We send a zip, complete with video instructions. We also offer a 'we'll do it all for you' service.... regards Allen

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    I used to do this the hard(technical) way but I now use WP Twin. It is an amazing peice of software which lets me do one click backup and restore. Saves a hell lot of time.

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    I provide the site files, the database, the PSD files, fonts, any ebooks that come with the site all zipped up so that all they have to do is upload that file to their server and extract it, then create the database and import the database. Also provide a detailed instruction manual for customers, and if that fails, I'll install it for them for a small fee.

    Once you get one installed, it is easy. People get nervous over creating a database but there's really nothing to it.
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