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my site is not getting indexed by google, why is this. When I go into google search and put in webtwilight. My site is not coming up. It was indexed before now it's not. I did pinged and submit my site again but nothing yet. What should i do.
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    How long as it been?

    Can take up to 4-6 weeks sometimes...
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      It's wierd, all my pages were indexed. I submitted my site 2 days ago. Maybe there is something wrong with my site. My site was hacked 2 weeks ago. My password was changed and I had a new plugin installed in my folder. wpnoref. I read this is a no follow plugin. I was lucky to find it and now it's gone. Any help here.
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    Thanks for you comment earlier. I have been having alot of problems of late with my site webtwilight.com.
    Like I was saying before my site was already indexed not it's not. I host with godaddy and it's havng a hard time to crawl my site. Do you know if there is anyway to see what my problem is on my site. Maybe i have a no follow on my site to search engines. Not sure, thanks for your help. If you can't help thanks anyway. Very frustrating.
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