$3,743 in 11 Days From A WSO

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I have a new found love for wso's.

About 14 days ago i was struck for cash...websites aren't doing well and Xmas around the corner - never made more than 100 a time with internet marketing...and frustrated I wasn't going anywhere...we have all been there (I can finally say that lol)

So I still pushed through, even with it being a few days to Christmas.
I decided to go ahead with a wso.

First I put up a post asking what warriors would purchase, told them my skills and was instantly hit with selling my web design skills. Was very reluctant as i got out of the freelance work a while back and rarely work for clients these days.

I have a big passion for web design so I pay a lot of attention to detail, I don't just go crazy with gradients and ripped images from the internet. I brainstorm, sketch, design and design, and tweak till my gut feeling says its good.

Anyway, I had 2 options, could either sell custom websites on their own for about $67+ (DIRT CHEAP COMPARED TO WHAT IM USED TO..lol) or I could put together a bundle...sell less but earn more.

I saw no one doing this so I was a little weary but I came up with this idea which was to offer a bulk package.
So I figured 4 websites + 15 installs + 15 fixes and 10 odd jobs looked good. Essentially it's a complete web design package, which pretty much sorts the clients out for a large part of the web design/ web maintenance work for most of 2009.

So I then looked into pricing.

A WSO is a WARRIOR SPECIAL OFFER - so it has to be damn good. So I swayed to $197 which is pretty damn good price, considering my experience and my portfolio.

Next step was creating a great subject line & good copy.

Now I have a little trick I use for testing subject line open rates for wso's...before posting the wso.
In the test forum I post different posts using a subject lines I like. I leave them for 24 hours come back and look, the one with most views is the subject line I use

...i think you can see how that works/helps.

Now for the copy, I always find it easy to write copy for something your passionate about and know about. So I got to work. Only took me 2 rewrites till I found the copy I wanted.

·Use Images, Videos
·Segment the text
·Use Color
·Good Structure
I find that a longer headline works great with a pre headline and a sub headline.

Posting WSO

Timing is important to your wso's success, if its not being shown at peak times your loosing sales...common sense really.

I try my hardest to make sure my wso is posted so it will be on page one at peak times.
I live in the UK, so here is what I have found out.

WSO TRAFFIC PEAKS (Based on my observations)

Around 350 From 8/9pm Onwards GMT

Around 400+ From 8/9pm Onwards GMT
(Usually hits 500 at times)

Around 300 From 8/9pm Onwards GMT

Around 350 From 8/9pm Onwards GMT

Usually between 280 to 350 +/- From 8/9pm Onwards GMT

Usually between 250 to 300 +/- From 8/9pm Onwards GMT

Around 350 From 8/9pm Onwards GMT
Can hit over 400

This is just information I have picked up obviously not 100% accurate but I stick to this. The most popular days are Sunday Monday Tuesday & Thursday.

I tend to aim for these times.


Posted my wso - woke up the next day and no sales. I panicked and was stressed, thinking of trying something new...but then I had one of them moments where you analyze yourself, and the jist of what I said was I never stick to things, for god sakes it had only been one day and I was ready to move on...ridiculous I know, but its a bad habit I think I have now broke

Literally, about 2 hours later I got a sale.

So you need to be patience and stick things through, that's why most of us fail online the first few times is because we don't stick to it! We jump around and panic when things don't go the way we want them to go.


So after that more sales started coming in, that same day I got 4 sales (that was $788 in a day) I was on a high and my mentality completely changed. I was ready to jump to a new "get rich quick" scheme but I forced myself not to and this money came in.

Over the next few days I tried testing things, I tried to answer questions in the sales copy and I edit the sales copy and format a lot.

More sales started coming in.

With most of the questions I got asked in private messages I then went in and answered in the sales copy.
I changed my headline from red to pink and I had 3 sales in the space of 40 minutes thats $591 in less than an HOUR!

I tweaked the subject lines to increase open rates. And other small things... what im trying to say here is editing and testing your wso is bloody important ive learnt a lot from doing this.

I bumped to fit the times I stated above, I bumped the wso between 5-7pm GMT so its usually displayed at peak times. ALL depends on the admins.

I paid about 100 dollars overall on bumping the wso...made a pretty good investment from that.
Now, what I learnt from this.

If you're in this game to make money you won't make any real money, I literally realised this about 2 weeks ago.

"Money is a by-product of being successful, you don't want money, you want to be successful."

Fair enough most of us get into IM because of the money side of it...you need to change your mind set.
Entrepreneurial Mindset + Action = Success + Money

My wso is here if you're curious - http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...h-quality.html


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      You can go to www.warriorplus.com

      George Wright

      Originally Posted by lburrell View Post

      ah u closed the wso!! haha i would have like to seen the copy and product
      "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    Great post Devan , I am sure your post above could become a wso in its own right.
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    That is great. Congrats! I am new here so that is all I have to say. This is very encouraging. I have to say the more I read the many post available for our viewing the more this site pulls me in to read and learn more. I have been involved in many businesses over the years, but am finding that IM is in some ways less expensive and more awarding when done correctly. There is some real estate involved, some utility bills but overall less expensive. I am saying less expensive, not cheap. You sometimes get what you pay for in any business. Just like Devan stated "Anyway, I had 2 options, could either sell custom websites on their own for about $67+ (DIRT CHEAP COMPARED TO WHAT IM USED TO..lol) or I could put together a bundle...sell less but earn more."
    Thanks everyone for such a great forum and all the ideas that come with it.

    Originally Posted by George Wright View Post


    You can go to www.warriorplus.com

    George Wright
    George where is it located on the site?
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    Great post man!

    Way to use your skills and help some Warriors out.

    Congrats on the success, too.
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    That's awesome. I'll be taking in all that info, thanks!
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    That's amazing!! Great success! Congratulations!

    Of course, may be you can build upon your inital success and turn your next WSO into a 5 figure payday! It's been done many times before.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards
    Phil Jones
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      Great story!

      You were successful with it because you were smart enough to make an offer on something you know that not only Warriors, but people in IM in general need.

      Congrats and I'll be looking out for your next one
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        A very nice "how to". Congratualtions on your success. Now what is your encore?
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