Double Headed Youtube Monster!?!?

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Hi everybody. I recently bought an established website/online business which is in the same niche that I have been blogging about for the last 3 years.

I have a youtube channel with 436 subscribers and 225k upload views (my videos are definitely more interesting, engaging and better lol).

The youtube channel for my new business, has 978 subscribers but only 23k upload views.

Now here is where I need some advice... Should I do one of the following?

A. Pick one channel and only add future content to only that one.

B. Split future videos up among both channels, nurturing both of them.

C. Post all of my videos on both channels, targeting different keywords in each video. This is the one I've been thinking about doing the most.

What do you all think? :confused:
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  • You should probably have individual channels. Easier to focus in both areas, and then you can get loyal subscribers.
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    I agree, views are not as important as targeted traffic. Given that I like your ideas for cross promotion. If the products are different enough you won't have to worry about one cannibilizing the other.
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