4 More Months Till End of 2008, Have You Achieved Your Target?

by jhongren 15 replies
Hi Warriors,

Year 2008 is coming to an end and as an Internet Marketer, I know we set target and the timeline to achieve it.

For example, to make $XXXXX amount by end of December 08.

December is a holiday season for most and so in fact, IM period may end in November.

This means we have less than 4 months to meet our targets.

So are you on your way to meet your target? And how are you going to do that.

Hope to hear from you.

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    The end of 2008 is coming very soon and I barely noticed that!

    Well summer is always going to be the slowest season, but wait until november and december get here!

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    Hi Khuram,

    There are some more time and you still can meet your part of your target.

    Don't give up, my friend!

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      I'm happy to report that I met my own target for this year this month, but i've now set a target to see if I can achieve double my target by the end of the year!

      I'm quite tough on myself when setting my targets at the beginning of the year as well.
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    • I'm a little ahead of my targets. Call it dumb luck, but I set up my current project with very conservative goals and targets. The fact that I'm exceeding my goals and targets, time-wise, means I get to reset them higher and sooner!
      "The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win." -- misquoting Coach Vince Lombardi
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    Somebody once said when you aim for the moon even when you miss you land among the star. In other words create big goals because even if you miss them you will be doing better than most.

    Somebody else said there is no such thing as an unrealistic goal. Just unrealistic timelines.

    Have I hit my goals? No, but if I had I would really be frustrated because my goals clearly wouldn't have been big enough. Personally I worry more about the direction than the goals. Another favorite quote of mine is that if you're going the wrong direction on the highway, speeding up isn't going to solve the problem. Maybe I hit my goals or maybe I miss my goals as long as I'm working in the right direction it will all buff out in the end.

    Great post by the way John.
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    I am behind in my goals. The number of sales I projected is well under what I am at....but I persevere and continue to plug away.
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