Suggestions for newbie? Affiliate programs?

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Can you please suggest any affiliate programs or ideas for me to start out with?
I am pretty new to the Internet. I can blog and do some of those basics.
I'm not looking to make thousands a month, I'd be happy with a hundred or so to start and then build on it.
Any ideas for someone to break into it and make a few bucks?
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    I would recommend starting out with Clickbank since that's a free option.
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    I agree, the clickbank marketplace is a massive affiliate network, perfect place to start.
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      Just a thought : It might be a good idea to focus on products from one niche in Clickbank. and then use good keywords

      "professional writing priced right "
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        My first site was an Amazon site. They are also fairly easy to get accepted to.

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        - Robby Robinson

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    I am also looking to start my affiliate marketing in Clickbank.
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    It really doesn't matter which network you go with. Some have better service, others have a greater selling product, still others, for what every reason,it sells. I would pick something that you are interested in and passionate about. This way you will be genuine when you write your copy. once you get comfortble with a niche, you will settle into what you are supposed to be doing
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    Personally I think Amazon is a good place to start with high ticket review sites
    Not too difficult to learn
    You can start earning within a month as you learn about article writing and backlinking and you can leave the selling to Amazon
    There are some great Amazon coaches on the WF if you are interested.
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    Amazon has to be the easiest way for a newbie to start making money online the sites are simple to build and for sure you will make your first $1 online once you get your feet wet and see that it is possible to make money online you can start with other revenue streams but Amazon has to be one of the best ways to get started.

    Gaz Cooper

    Beginners Guide to getting started in CRYPTO, FREE Ebook on a Massive Opportunity as the World shifts to Digital payment

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    Clickbank is the most used site by affiliate marketers, but you got to have the right knowledge in SEO or have a good program to use to succeed. Some programs like have a lot of tutorials and step by step instructions on how to promote your product. It will make it easy for you in affiliate marketing.

    “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

    -Leo Burnett
    Your affiliate marketing guide
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    My best advise for you would be to stop calling yourself a newbie, you may as well call yourself a 'rube'. I hope that doesn't tick you off, but newbie, rookie, probie, and all the rest are insulting terms used by established professionals in their fields to keep the up and comers in their place. Read hazing, messing with people because you can, not cool.

    There are creatures on-line that look Human but live to prey on the uninformed.

    Okay, rant over.

    Now, you have a blog? Good. What kind of banners are you running? How many visitors do you get a month? How many posts do you write a week?

    You see, there are so many different ways to earn money on-line that when you ask that open ended question you are likely to get so many responses that your head may explode from the information overload.

    The Affliliate Program I would reccomend you go with is Daegan Smith's Maximum Leverage, it both teaches you to market on-line and has several different products to market, with email swipes.

    If you can't afford or don't want to pay the $97.00 monthy fee for the training you can join his Partner Program and earn the monthly fee.
    Get a free, easy to understand and follow step by step plan to start an Internet Network Marketing business from the ground up, for about a three dollar a day investment.

    Not a 'cookie cutter' copy and paste system that's flooding the market, it's a pratical guide to creating your own unique lead generating system using free and low cost tools.
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      I just want to tell everyone here on the forum how much I appreciate your advice, comments, honest reviews and everything else. I'm very new at internet marketing as an IM, I've sold tons of stuff online but just never realized it was marketing. Mostly sold things on Amazon, Ebay..etc. etc. everything from buttons to yachts really...but this process for some reason seems overwhelming. I get all these emails everyday flogging yet another product...but none really give you a clear idea of what you should do. *sigh*. I build websites, write code and am a graphic the nuts and bolts of it I'm good with, it's the "online marketing" for some reason that is difficult for me to wrap my brain around. Thanks for posting all your experiences and does help
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    How do you plan on driving traffic? I would probably think through articles, right?

    I would start with either Clickbank, CJ, or Amazon. I've had good results with all three. Clickbank is for digital products (e-books) but it does have a lot of junk e-books, too. CJ and Amazon are for physical products. You do need to have a website to register with CJ and Amazon. If you don't have any, that's not a problem though - you can register with a free Blogger blog. I did when I started and they didn't give me any problems. I just wrote 4-5 blog posts on the same topic (like skin care, back pain, parenting, entertainment, whatever) and I was accepted.

    Whatever way you choose, don't jump from thing to thing or method to method. Do it for a few weeks and then measure your results.

    Also, as someone mentioned above there are some good Amazon coaches in the WSO section.

    Good Luck!

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    If you dont want to start with spending money just try ClickBank+organic traffic (SEO and so on). If you got some budjet to test try PPC (ClickBank or CPA offers) or PPV.

    Please use English language in your Signature.

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    I'd always go with clickbank because the marketplace is full of products which you can promote and it's really easy to use and understand. If you get stuck on trying to understand how clickbank works, then they explain the process well on their website.
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    Hi, One of the first things you should do is get some training, learn as much as you can about the internet world, learn one thing at a time then move onto the next.

    To make money online can be easy but also hard if you are not sure at what you are doing. Don't get distracted. The one thing most people fall down on is marketing, if you know how to market then it does not matter what niche you are in you will make money.

    To Your Success

    Steve Duval

    Read the rules - affiliate template sites not allowed.

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    I'd go with high converting offers that have a good EPC, do not focus on high payouts. Offers with high payouts are like fools gold. You get that gleam in your eye when you see how much they pay out. But get disappointed when you realize that they don't convert well. Try physical products or services first, instead of info products. There tends to be less competition with them. Start up be going to Offervault or similar and find some networks to sign up to. You could also try Am#az#on,
    but do your homework first or else you'll wind up being disappointed, thinking that their commission is too low, blah blah blah. Having the right knowledge is the key to winning in the IM game.

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    I have been on Amazon for the past months, have 3 products with 3 websites. just got 1 sales, with a small small commission of US5 dollars. I am wondering if I set a target of making $5K a month, how many sites must I have to achieve that target if all my products are about $150 to $200. It really scared me. And I wonder is it realistic for a IM on Amazon affiliate only be able to make $10K a month. All these adver that I received saying they make like $26K a month by following this software, that software, I just cant believe. So how realistic is it to make $10K a month on just affiliate programs? anyone out there really make $10K through amazon? clickbank ( not selling his own products)?
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    Below is the 3 affiliate website I visit regularly to find affiliate products.

    1. Clickbank

    Please visit to checkout the new affiliate product launches. Hundreds of new affiliate products being launched everyday.

    I am Gary Ganesan, entrepreneur and online marketer, and I am excited to help you jumpstart your online business. My website,, contains a lot of information, as well as tips and tricks on the Internet marketing trade.

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