List building to the perfect life...I did it. I know you can too!

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If you visit the Warrior Forum for at least 10 minutes, you are bound to come across some juicy tid bit about how great list building can be for your business. As the over used saying goes, the money is in the list...

This is spot on my friend. If you haven't started building a list in your niche, you are just being stupid in my opinion. Hate to be harsh like that, but you are leaving easy money on the table. There are many different business models that have nothing to do with building an email list...adsense is one example of this.... and they work great for some, BUT...

List building is the cream of the crop in my consulting arsenal. Email marketing is just an internet form of database marketing. If you ever have plans to consult businesses for big paychecks, you better learn how to make your clients money...

The very first thing I do when I go into a new client's business is ask them if they have a database of customers or prospects at all. Most businesses will have some form of database...but most have never thought about using it to increase sales. Within week 1, a simple direct mail campaign can increase revenue and you can quickly cut advertising costs by getting rid of some of their low converting traditional marketing methods like radio/yellow pages...

If they have email addresses or phone numbers, it's game over...I just doubled my clients revenue. I can have a satisfied customer by the end of 30 days and they will happily pay me those large checks over the next 11-35 months on the contract. This is all because of a simple list marketing plan.

So, you can see the power of list building. The whole point of this thread is to share how to really find good subscribers to your list and how to recognize how to promote to each group.

Every niche is going to be different. People with different interests flock to different traffic sources. Internet marketers are easily found in a forum just like this...because we teach young internet marketers to forum market. They are going to go where they've been told to go. If you are selling a "make money online" product, forums are a hugely targeted traffic source.

What if it's a celebrity niche? These are popular. Blogs are going to be one of the first traffic source I hit in this niche. The blog viewers are all interested traffic.

That's what you want on your list. Interested traffic! That's main point #1...find targeted traffic. The more targeted the traffic, the more money you are going to make. You can really jump into any market right now and buy 1000 subscribers...but they aren't interested in what you talk about. So, your open rates will be nilch.

Interested traffic reads what you have to say and will act when you tell them too.

There is definitely a scale of interested traffic though. Not every source will be the mentioned above. To really make the sales pop, creating multiple lists for your traffic is an ideal way to catch everyone.

I like to overwhelm the market with my content to generate traffic. My team starts with all kinds of marketing campaigns...articles, videos, podcasts, press releases, guest posting, blogging, social media, forums, PPC, banner advertising, magazine advertising, and some ezine advertising.

Each of these traffic sources are led to a different list. They might be sent to the same squeeze page and freebie offer, but they are separate in my database.

Why do I do this?

I can see which traffic source actually converts the best for me. Each niche I'm in will be different. If article marketing traffic converts at 30% and social media traffic converts at 2%, I'm going to amp up the article marketing traffic source until it doesn't get any higher each day..that is unless social media delivers thousands of more viewers..

Now, I also market differently to each list after I know how they react. A responsive list of interested and targeted traffic is best approached with over delivering. Just make them cry for more.

A less responsive list that doesn't convert well will get sent lots more promotions. They are given less quality content and more opportunities to be moved into a better list. This happens by them purchasing a product or through a referral campaign.

Which brings up the quick point...separate buyers from prospects on your lists. be honest, I walked away for about 5 minutes to get a drink of water and now I lost my train of thought completely on this post. i had a few more points I wanted to bring light on...they will have to wait. Talk to you soon!

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    This is really interesting....

    You're right about list building...thanks
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    Very helpful and important information. Hopefully the other points come to you because so far it was a great and informative read.
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      Building a list is the best way to make a long term income source in the hole internnet marketing worl, period. Why? If you have an adsense site making you a lot of money, some day this site can stop bringing money just because google say so. That is just an example. There is a lot of ways of making a long term income source but building a list is simply the best.


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        Good call. List building is great but making money from that list is the real challenge, then it's all about copyright.
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    Concerning targeted traffic I remarked lately that I was getting a certain amount of visitors from a particular site but that it turned out that the traffic did not convert. I thought that I had this part covered but I think I was wrong.
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  • Thanks for writing this article to remind us of the importance of list building.

    I was looking for specific points/suggestions in the article on how a newbie can build a list in different forums. What are your specific suggestions for list building in Warrior Forum?

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    Good info... Exactly what I need to start doing..
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    For local clients who have email lists, one of my favorite things to do is to have them send out an email asking them to leave a positive review online (e.g., Google Places, Yelp) in exchange for a coupon off their next visit. It works wonders -- the business gets tons of online reviews which help boost their rankings and the customers are thrilled to receive a discount.

    I agree with you, Travis... lists can be extremely powerful!
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    Excellent post.

    I do largely the same thing with my offline clients. If they have
    a name, email address, and maybe a phone number, I can get
    any other data that's desirable on the customer from public
    databases... so if the client wants, I CAN hand them a
    complete database.

    One source of easy money in the local offline market is
    reactivating inactive customers/clients. Many of those
    customers would start patronizing a business again if they
    are just made to feel appreciated. So, I teach clients how
    to do that.

    It IS easy money, and with the technology that we have
    it's like leaving money on the table if they don't do it.


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