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Ok, dear warriors, last question of the week!:confused::confused:

I have subscribed to a weber to build a list.

I asked a while ago how many messages I should send out and what the intervals should be and was given great answers.

Now, my hopefully final question is about the messages themselves.

What I have done so far is write an article and paste it directly into aweber instead of attaching it in an email that would explain a bit what I want to tell them etc...

What do you usually go for? I'll be honest with you, I don't like the way I have done it so far and am slightly stuck on this particular point. I have the feeling that many people who receive these emails wouldn't bother downloading the article but on the other hand since they subscribed, why wouldn't they?

I just need your opinion on this. I suppose it all depends on what product you are trying to sell etc but I DO NEED TO adjust the format of these emails as as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance and have a great Sunday.

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    Get them out there NOW.

    You can change anything you like
    once you have a bit of feedback.

    If the content has some value
    then the format won't matter at all.

    Stop fretting over the details and
    get some stuff out there.

    Most of us sent out rubbish at
    first...then we improved a bit
    and so on and so on. Keep at it


    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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      I agree with Helisell. JUST DO IT! I've had my share of over-thinking and of 'just doing it' and 'just doing it' wins.

      You can always change it afterwards. You can also test, i.e. see which e-mail format gets you more conversions.

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      Originally Posted by ymest View Post

      What do you usually go for?
      I do send some links in emails, occasionally to "new material" on my site, and sometimes a (masked) hoplink.

      But in general, I prefer to send content as email content rather than requiring recipients to click on it just to read something. I think the people on my lists prefer that, too - but as with all "list communications" the "right actions" inevitably depend on who the people are ("traffic demographics"), what they expect, and what attracted them to your list in the first place.

      There's nothing wrong with using an article as an autoresponder email, but you may have to edit it slightly (especially for the beginning and end of the email).

      Originally Posted by helisell View Post

      You can change anything you like
      once you have a bit of feedback.

      If the content has some value
      then the format won't matter at all.
      I think just about the exact opposite of this.

      As marketers, we rightly and understandably put enormous efforts into building our lists, because those become the primary income-producing assets of our business. If we get the communications wrong, what normally happens isn't that we get "feedback": it's that people stop opening our emails (or even unsubscribe): how counter-productive can you get? :confused:

      Originally Posted by helisell View Post

      Stop fretting over the details and get some stuff out there.
      Again, with respect, I think the exact opposite: the time to fret about the details is before you send it out, because the realities of the situation are that mistakes usually can't be corrected later: once you go wrong, the people for whom it's "gone wrong" are no longer accessible to you, because they're not still reading. :rolleyes:

      This is one field of activity, for internet marketers, in which "Just Do It" is pretty poor advice, IMHO.

      Many people who have adopted that approach are the ones who find list-building not all that financially rewarding. It's good to avoid making this part of the business a "learning-curve", if you can avoid it, because this is where mistakes undo all your previous good work, and directly cost money.

      Split-testing is, of course, a different matter. But (a) you need a substantial list to do that, (b) you have to have compiled it correctly in the first place, to facilitate split-tests, and (c) you still need to decide exactly what to split-test.
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        Thanks for your input guys!

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          I agree with who says "DO IT NOW!"

          Thinking too much to details at the beginning is not worth it.

          As anything in life, you need to gain experience and only after some time you will understand yourself where you can improve and how.

          The steps you have made are just fine to send the article. You will see after what you can do to get better results.

          Good luck anyway!
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