Thoughts, Actions and Words are Free

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Maybe thoughts, actions and words cost nothing, and these are the qualities we should be seeking to improve more than anything else.

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    Agreed! And all these start from your mind! So, let's all have an open mind for all thoughts, actions and words!

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    yes this is definitely true that these things are free yet can be sold if packaged! LOL

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    Wise words indeed. Simple yet profound. And best of all free!
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    Definitely agreed with that we all should improve our Action, thoughts and words.
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    Obvious thought is obvious. Thanks anyways OP.
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      They may cost nothing but they have a profound effect on our lives.
      The right thought, the right action, the right words lead to a more successful, confident and liked person. Mmm, best start working on them.
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    dvduval this is an interesting observation. I was just telling my wife last night that what IM does for me is allow me to use my thoughts and words to create action in myself and others. I believe it was about that time she had an Ah-Hah moment.
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