Pictures & Music that wont bankrupt you!!

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This is my second thread and if you have read my first about:

Pippa Middleton Fan Site

It will be no surprise where this topic came from.

O.k People you are building a website/blog and you need some images and music for your site/blog.

I realise now you have to be careful.So all you experinced seasoned pro's out there where would you go or more importantly who do you trust?

Would you only trust the public domain?

Would you use Elance and pay an artist/image designer to create an ORIGINAL image /picture so once bought you owned the copyright.

Like wise would you use Elance to pay someone to create some original music that once bought you owned the copyright.

Got to say clear off those Getty boys & gals!!

So with regards Images & music on sites what's the score?

Cheers everyone
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    Hi Slimbob. I have a growing list of personal favorite sites I refer to. They are all free.

    * is one, just go to the free section.
    * is also great - select flickr and you'll get some good ones to choose from.
    * is another good collection.

    Hope this helps.

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    Please take it from personal experience. Getty images has a way to track their image and goes after unauthorized use. I had an outsourcer make a mockup of a website. I was assured that the images were paid for. THis mockup was put up on an interior directory and was not being used, as a matter of fact I forgot about it.

    4 years letter I got a letter from Getty. This was a thumbnail size image mind you, long story short, it cost me $4000.

    Make sure you KNOW that you have rights to use images.

    SFX, Music and Pro Voiceover for under $30? ? ?- Audio Assassin Toolbox
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    Originally Posted by slimbob View Post

    Would you only trust the public domain?
    If I was 100% certain it was public domain, maybe.

    It could take you hours to establish if something really was public domain. Yes, there are rules of thumb but if you want another cautionary tale look at how a song written in 1893 is still under copyright

    Unhappy Birthday

    In the end, I use my own photos or pay for images from sites like

    A couple of dollars + peace of mind


    a lot of my precious time + a possible nasty shock.

    Your choice

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      Thanks guys !

      Yes definitely don't want to get into trouble.

      What about Wiki commons ?

      They have videos,images and music which public domain or under the creative commons license and GNU license .

      Or again is not worth the risk?

      Ok you have named a few sites were you would buy but can those be trusted ?

      If you are paying for an image,audio/video as long as you keep your receipt are you safe ?

      What about

      Agin if paying can you shop anywhere or like with all things in life are there shady sellers out there? Could you buy then get bitten a few years later.

      Please could you name some more reputable sellers of licensed copyright free


      Is my Elance idea sound?
      Is that100% safe as you are paying for an original creation and the creator sells and passes on the copyright to you ?

      Hopefully we can make this thread a big one to help other people with the same fears and questions.

      Cheers everyone
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    I wouldn't really trust an outsourcer to acquire the images/music for you as the likelihood is that they will provide you with a copyrighted image as at the end of the day nothing will happen to them if you are "caught" so to speak using the offending material. However there will obviously be some exceptions to this rule.
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    Thanks Guys any more advice.
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    Is is a "faux pa" to comment on a thread that is a few months old? :-)

    Anyway, I use stock.xchng for free images (complying with their license).

    I've never had someone build a website for me but I have been involved in procuring a training service that specified in the contract the license terms of the images. I think it is reasonable to request a website developer to provide a cross reference between images used on your site and the original stock source including the exact file name / url of the downloaded image and even proof of purchase when appropriate.

    For music, I found a site that I like called danosongs. There are a couple dozen free soundtracks for download. The only thing that the author asks for is a link to his site.
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    One of the good sources is:

    Also, when you do google images search you can go to advanced search and choose option "for commercial use".

    Other option is always - buy them...
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