How to find the best specific blogs?

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I am currently looking for the biggest and best blogs in certain areas that allow commenting, however I am hitting certain walls currently that only allow facebook commenting (which is next to useless) or tiny blogs that somehow managed to get to the top of Google by pure chance...

Is there any way to find specific blogs such as "music blogs" by number of posts, number of comments or how many subscribers there are?

I guess what I am asking, is how do you find the biggest and best blogs out of the thousands available?

I am an avid cook, and love the subject but until I watched repeats of Hells Kitchen I had never heard of which is one of the largest cooking blogs in the world...if only there was a resource? :p
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    I don't know but id search best cooking blogs on google

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    • If you're looking for the purpose of blog commenting and backlinking, then I'd recommend getting scrapebox and using it to harvest blogs.

      What you're looking for are called "footprints", basically things that are shared in common due to them using the same hosting platform - like wordpress, drupal, etc.

      So find a blog that you really like, find a footprint, and then either manually google that footprint or use scrapebox to find them for you.
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        You may want to try (a site with consolidation of hugr list of popular blogs, up to 700,000 blogs that allow syou to link to the actual blog itself).

        Hope it helps.

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    I agree. is a helpful website. Of course, a good old fashioned internet search is also worthwhile too, as is Scrapebox.

    I would imagine that since your topic is related to cooking, there are going to be numerous options. Perhaps some of the network food television shows and/or various cooking "stars" have their own blogs.

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    Google Blog search and play with the keywords for blogs and similar.
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    All high traffic/PR Blogs expect very quality comments.

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    Thanks for the suggestion of networkedblogs, I will check that out

    Any other ideas?
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    I'm not really sure from your question if you are just after the backlinks, or are looking to generate traffic from the comments alone (or both)...

    However, I think this will be a help.

    Try Google Ad Planner.

    Make sure you login to your Google account and then play around with the Search By Audience feature.

    For instance, if I wanted to find high traffic blogs related to cooking, I would paste in a single URL into the Online Activity filter, and then set the ranking method to Composition Index.

    Doing this, I now have a big list of other sites related to that initial site I placed in.

    Once you have that list, you can either manually check them for comment options, hire someone to do this for you, or use a software solution like Scrapebox.

    And you can keep putting your results back in Google Ad Planner to continue to get more results.

    All the best,
    Jack Duncan
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    You sir are a bonafide genius!!!

    It isn't exactly what i was looking for, but I will have a play around with it and see what interesting goodies I can turn up
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