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Someone has offered to pay me for my videos that I record on motivation, they want me to record videos for their you tube channel talking about motivation business positive thinking etc does anyone know what the going rate would be how much do you think I should charge?
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    Would you be looking to sell these video's to more than one person?
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      No just specifically for them!

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        Thanks, for the thanks!

        I would say it depends on the length of the content and the number of video's? Do you already know what they want in regards to that?
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    You're welcome The videos would probably be 5-10 minutes long and they would probably want 5-10 a month I want to know how to negotiate something that's bigger whilst I give them more and get paid more if you know what I mean. I give them TONS of value and get paid well for it

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    I would give maybe the first few free and then onwards depending on what you think yourself maybe set up a package deal - Is the topic sellable to more than one customer?

    When I say free I like to think it builds the customer relationship further as well as recommendations.
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    Charge as much as you truly believe your content is worth, however bear in mind that these guys might not have a lot of funding as they may simply be a YouTube channel and only that, do some research first.
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    You can look on warriors for hire section and you'll find similar services. See what their prices are, and try to offer a competitive price, but not too low also. Try to keep a balance.

    Will be much easier to find the right price if you look at other services that are like yours.
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    You could check out what everyone else is doing and set your price competitively similar...


    You could send your potential clients to an application page (you can make one using a free service like survey monkey), and charge them a premium to get YOUR video content.

    All you've got to do is answer the following question:

    What makes your content so much better than everyone else's in your niche?

    Greatness is difficult to appreciate from close up. The great mountain on the horizon is only the ground when you are standing on it.

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    Generally speaking be confident
    You create a great product right?
    So do your research and charge at the upper end if you believe in your product
    If they want you you can always negotiate

    Do not give them a free or discounted sample it undermines your value
    An exception might be if you are after a great reference site or testimonial to help you sell future work.

    Another negotiation strategy ask them what their budget is upfront, the party that names the first price usually loses.

    Remember it is always possible to discount in the future for a loyal customer or volume but it is harder to increase your prices so avoid the common mistake of starting too low.
    Best of luck
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    Yes, Successpass.
    One of my friend gave demo of a BPO company, content are provided by company. This video was 4:15 mint long. She charged 500 USD for this. As we are based in INDIA so it varies country-to-country and person-to-person. I hope this charge will help you to decide your cost.
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