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Warriors...Need a bit of brainstorming here...if you were to write an ebook that will sell well on Amazon's Kindle, would you base it on:

1) Evergreen markets (diet/money/love)?
2) Highly segmented niche (basket-weaving, tat design, etc)?
3) Or....?

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    The topic is less relevant than the quality. You better write a fantastic ebook because the competition is out of this world. Readers preview Kindle books and if it is mediocre they will move on. If you don't get great reviews you won't get sales, no matter what the topic.

    My crime fiction ebook has 4 of 5 star rating with lots of reviews, and it still struggles to find decent sales. I don't promote it as much as I should - you really have to spend a lot of time promoting it "softly" in various forums (Amazon etc).
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      The problem with writing for "hot" topics is that - unless you are a rabid fan yourself - your heart won't be in it and that will show in the final product.

      Write something for which you have a passion, then sales will follow. Writing a vampire romance with no interest in the topic and having read few or no books in that area is a complete waste of your time.
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    im a big fan of kindle but i still like to thumb through a book call my oldschool

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    Topics that target women work very well for me, especially if the price point is right. Speaking of price, if you have topics that can be priced relatively low ($2.99, $3.99) and cater to "impulsive buyers" you'll do well as well...

    This is stuff that works for me, but its worth at least giving it a test run

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    from experience I would go with health and fitness and to be specific It would be woman's fitness.
    Honestly, women go crazy over these sort of ebooks
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    One of my books is an evergreen market(Diet), despite the massive amount of competition it sells better than I expected(270 sales last month). Five of my books are in a highly segmented niche and those books sell much better than my diet, there is plenty of competition but nothing compared to the competition my diet book faces. All six of these books target women. Personally, I prefer to focus on segmented niches. The competition is not as fierce.

    West Coast Goodz Leadz Group -

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      I'd say look at what sells the most like others have said, and put your effort into creating the best product you can.

      Also, the book cover and Table of Contents are both very important.

      In the Kindle formatting guide, it says this...

      ...Your cover image can have a direct impact on your readers' purchasing decisions and adding a high quality cover image is an effective way for you to inspire customer confidence and boost sales.
      Tip: make sure your Kindle customers have a great user experience and you will have a much better chance of making money for a long time to come.
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