Showing lots of banners on "Amazon Niche Site" a good idea?

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I am showing many banners on my site on Amazon Niche site. All the banners are of Amazon only like related in some way to my niche. I have put these banners because the right sidebar of my website appears empty and plain white indicating emptiness of the site. So i put all the banners of amazon like that of MUSIC, DVDs etc there. Will this look spammy or something to the visitors???
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    In my experience, banners don't work very well on Amazon sites. No matter how related they are.
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      Amazon banners have notoriously low click thru rates. I might test 1 or 2 out to see if you get any clicks but in my experience almost no one clicks on them.

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  • use the amazon omakaze banners, i get much higher clicks with those instead of generic banners

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    Agree with the posters above. Banners rarely perform well, especially if you're just going to slap a bunch of unrelated banners in your sidebar. You'd be much better off using just ONE banner and perhaps an Adsense block if you want to fill the empty space. Stacking one Amazon banner after the other will just look really bad and turn visitors off.

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    I'd skip the banners. Use text links like this:

    We've found the best price on click here to see it.

    And weave that into your review or content.
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    I wouldn't think they would be as someone wouldn't see a banner as something Amazon would do. And in my experience showing things that remind people of Amazon and give them the Amazon feel generally get them to Amazon faster then things that don't which turn them off from your site most of the time.

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    Usually it is always better to have fewer banners, but maybe you have a site where the reverse is true. As usual, the final decision will come from testing.
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