Highly converting landing page building tool?

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Hi guys, I am looking for landing page building soft.

Which one would you recommend?
I would like to hear from those who have tried many different tools and selected one that has the highest conversion.
Also can you post a link of page example that can be designed with it?
Why do you prefer this tool comparing to others?
What is its price?
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    There is no such thing as a landing page building software. A landing page is just a webpage and you can make that with any kind of HTML authoring software.

    Or edit with any HTML authoring program if you already have a template.





    Coffee Cup

    Or maybe just a wordpress blog.

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      Ok, i stay corrected.
      Landing page building tool, not necessarily software.
      Does it sound better? :-)

      The thing is, i don't do programming.... at all....

      So, i need something non-programmers, non-web-designers friendly.
      And of course, ideally free :-) Or with free trial. Or very cheap :-)

      And ideally, with A/B split testing capabilities and conversion stats... Or something that can be easily integrated with stats tools.
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    I need a LP builder that doesn't rely so much on free offers (ebooks etc.), but sells directly from the page.

    View > Payment.
    No email capture, no autoresponder hassle, just great / easy placement of graphic / structural elements (well, and of course sales copy is up to the user).

    Your tool relies on videos 100%.I want something that gives me flexibility and SEO advantage that i don't see possible with your tool. There is no text!

    Also I find the large font and huge space between lines on 2nd page a bit... well, it looks a bit amateur. May be you can work on it, guys...
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    I prefer to build my own landing pages using Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

    If you don't have the technical skills required to build everything from scratch just try to get a good template and edit it with a HTML editor (NVU and Kompozer are free alternatives). Most HTML editors have graphical interfaces and are not hard to use, just make some research on YouTube and you will fin everything that you need.

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    If you're looking to start making some bank in mobile landing pages (which is hugeee btw) you can always use our mobile landing page builder tool .

    We launch to the public in a week! Get in while its still free
    GoMobile Enterprise : Enterprise Grade Mobile Content Management Software for Everyone

    Our WSO

    Watch a video of the founder building a site with the platform here
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    If the large front isn't for you just adjust the font size. It comes with an online editing function.

    I'm not sure what you mean about the SEO and text. You can add text to any page. You can drop in links to other pages on any template and add a Wordpress blog to any squeeze page too.

    The templates do not rely 100% on video. You can pull the video down. But why would you? Video works for any business. For example your site here:


    Why not any video on that home page?

    If you had nothing but a video and optin form you would get better results from that page. Instead the visitor has to find the "start your acting career" link at the bottom that takes them to a page without a clear optin form and button.

    As I said...you can pull the video and optin forms off of any template and create a sales page. But I would STRONGLY suggest you first capture your website visitors email information first and then send them to a sales page.

    Hopefully they buy when you send them to the sales page. If they do not you at least have the contact information to follow up. You can setup a drip email campaign to sell the benefits of your product, send more info, send promotional stuff, etc.

    That's a lot better than just setting up a sales page.

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    Well, Kevin, because for some niches if you are producing a video it better be a top notch work... Which is resource intensive... (time to manage the production is one of them, while writing a copy takes less... )... Well even thou, we yet to hire a copywriter anyways to get it done properly. :-)
    So, you are saying your tool is free?
    Where is your $ making machine parked then? :-)
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