[OPINIONS & DIRECTIONS PLEASE] Evaluating and Buying an Aged, Page Ranked Domain

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Hi All,

I have an opportunity to buy two domains:

A .com domain with a page rank of 5 for $500 ~ children's educational materials
A .net domain with a page rank of 4 for $300 ~ children's sports clothing

Can you help me decide which to buy by answering a poll?

...and then, please:
Give your thoughts and opinion on any of these questions ~ maybe giving some insights I might not have considered:

1. How do you choose domains? ... do you use software? intuition? or research?
2. How do you buy safely (avoiding faked domains)?

Thank you so
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  • you'd probably need to provide more info on the domains other than just their pagerank

    personally I wouldn't pay more than a registration fee for them, i care more about traffic and conversions than some number that randomly changes every few months

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