Are You a Slave to Google?

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There are millions of webmasters; many of which, are entirely reliant on Google for their source of traffic, and source of revenue.

But, much like the term "organic" suggests, search traffic is very much alive, a living breathing thing with a short attention pan and prone to change.

The algorithm that loves your spun up spit out B2BL multi-tiered pyramid of content today may very well sandbox your money site tomorrow.

This is a realization I had in the past week, when one of my newer money sites producing an avg $48 a day (enough for some families to live on, in some worlds!) got sand boxed from the main money keywords, and now no longer ranks at all.

Luckily there are other sources of revenue and the only choice is to continue to move forward with other sites, but, much like anything, I am thankful that the passion I have for this is rooted in personal hobby, before business op.

It is a dangerous affair to receive Google money, without being employed by them. Digital share cropping and decentralization of labor to the fullest extent.

As asked before in my introduction thread:

"Do you have any suggestions for folks who might be looking to start a forum? Specifically methods to gain more users?"

The truth is that most of these 68,000 forum registrations happened during a time of great virility, when the website was receiving 110,000 unique hits per day.

I had an incredible competitive advantage during that time frame, equipment that was costing me $10,000 per month. However, when that visceral internet interest waned, this money site too fell folly to SERPdom.
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    Can you say that again?
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      Originally Posted by ricoramiro View Post

      Can you say that again?
      Yea, that was a little hard to follow. However, I do agree with the OP about not relying on Google so much. But of course you already know this about me Rico!
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    why try to fight the system? why not just use it to your benefit?
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    Could you say this more clearer?
    Thank you!
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    Where is what I was saying, succinctly:

    If you are an internet marketer who is grinding away for sub-optimal (perhaps, below minimum wage) money, are you really anything more than a digital share cropper?

    Share cropping is a practice, deeply rooted in American history, where owners of land "rent" it out to a family, who then toils and creates a harvest. The owners of the land then take a substantial amount of this harvest as well.

    It is really only a slight notch above slavery. Let's call it Serfdom.

    In 2011, the high-tech hacker children who seek out the riches of Internet Marketing are really thrusting themselves upon a digital SERPDOM.

    Some will make it rich, some will be able to support themselves. But many, will do little but create content for Google's scrapbook, to do with it as it sees fit.

    I posted a little bit more about this on my own website, but I am not able to link it as I have under 15 posts.

    I'll give you a hint:

    (the F word)ing + best + ever (.) com
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    if you ask me....i probably say NO...
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    Google offers such a huge amount of traffic and potential that its a great source to start out with, mainly when you can target it with none or little cost.
    The power ultimately is to have a way of targetting your customers directly and to not be at the peril of (or at least minimize) an outside source.
    Vary your income sources far and wide and create your own list. Thats the true power to be not entirely dependent on google. This doesn't mean you have to ignore google - just relying on not waking up one day and see your income cut totally is something you just cannot guarantee while you are focusing entirely on google.
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    The REAL question is:

    How do you get traffic from BING!


    Why can't I get any of those 64 year old women who are stuck on auto-Bing courtesy an MS-shipped PC to come visit my site? I know they have credit card in hand.
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    There are ways to forget Google - but you need to be very clever and have pocket money for start up.

    Some niches allows you to be non-dependent of Google visitors.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    Yeah, not only do I use adwords, but also adsense, and Google is a harsh mistress as they say. Well, it is important to show up on all their services such as Google news. Also, you can get traffic from Google Blog Search and I even get traffic from Google images.

    A slave yes.....
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  • Hi Dane Vaninc,

    No, my business doesn't rely on Google in any direct way. Rather: My business uses Google's servers and services to perform our daily operations. Doesn't that make them a slave to my whims? I can all of a sudden not use them and still run my business...

    One of their main functions for my business = I use them to find top ranking online social communities with contextually relevant discussion pages about topics and sub topics covered by my niche and target keywords...

    If an online social network has a discussion page top ranking in Google for my niche and target keywords: I could then register as a member of that online social network, contribute content with benefits yet to be mentioned in those discussions and successfully build my reputation in those communities as a friendly, expert resource of beneficial content, products and services. This means if I contribute useful content with unique value to people with similar needs and problems in those top ranking discussion pages in Google for relevant searches = My target audience will see my content contributions when they go to those pages after relevant searches in Google...
    Need Authority Niche Content? $0.02 / Word. Quick Delivery.
    • Email me HERE. Or drop me a PM!
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    Originally Posted by pidefenders View Post

    Are you seriously spamming that blatantly right now? Really? :rolleyes:
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      Years ago the main goal was to get a surfer to bookmark your site. Is that strategy even relevant anymore? So if you have a new site that jumps to the top and you can get a good bunch of book markers, you should be good.

      And on a side note that is why Google rewards black hats. Get in fast and hard, get high spots in the SERPS, make sales, get sandboxed or banned, rinse, repeat. End of rant....

      Need a QR Code? Check out my QR Code Generator. It's FREE!

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