Anyone Had Trouble With Using Hyperlinks on Ezine?

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I've used Ezine for years and I have a couple thousand articles at this point on their site. Recently I've been having serious issues in terms of my articles getting put in the error bin with the explanation being your resource box contains one or more broken links, that thing. It's completely false and arbitrary as I know I'm submitting my hyperlinks correctly, the URLs are correct, everything is correct when I submit. I know this because I have saved copies of all of my articles on my hard drive which includes the correct resource box.

After I submit my article, sometimes random articles will arbitrarily get hit with the "broken links" error message. What's stranger is that Ezine goes ahead and edits my links so that the code gets screwed up so it looks like I put it in incorrectly the first time around when I go to edit it. When I edit the links the same was as the first time I submitted, oftentimes the article will get accepted. So basically it's Ezine admitting they screwed up the first go around.

But it keeps happening! I've been going back and forth with their support on this and they've been pretty unhelpful (for instance they keep suggesting I use their linking tool to create a clickable link and just have that in my resource box... which you can't do in the resource box cos you can't have live links), so I figured I'd ask if anyone else has had any issues like this themselves?

I'm a premium member and I schedule tons of articles, I don't know if it's some error in the code on their end when it comes to people who schedule large batches of articles all at once or what the deal is but it's getting frustrating as hell. Let me know guys.
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