Live Chat that Auto pops up when someone is at your site???

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A long time ago, I once saw a product from a famous internet marketer (cant remember which) whereby when a visitor is on your site, an automatic chat window pops up with someone at the other end with someone offering to assist you (the visitor) in some way. Does anyone know of such software/product from anyone?

I have googled but not coming up with a lot of good responses.

Thanks for any response and help.
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    There is alot of this software available. I like but it's a hosted service which is 29/mo. Lots of features but perhaps not what you're after. Just google website chat software to find others.
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    Here is something you might like : Crafty Syntax Live Help an Open Source Live Support

    It's a free open source 'live help' platform and when I used it in the past, it worked excellent.

    - Jared


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    I'm using Crafty Syntax on a site and it is a great product. A lot of features for free.

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    Another one that is fantastic (although costs around $400) is Kayako. It comes with the full knowledge base, ticket system and live chat.

    The thing I like about it is that I can literally watch my customers live on my site and watch them browsing in real-time. I use it on a few of my ecommerce stores and it is fascinating to watch the customer browse and where they either checkout or dropoff from the site.

    If one of my staff sees a customer struggling with something they will pop up a window and offer assistance or they can request live support if they have a question. It does dramatically increase conversions in the informational business is there is someone to answer questions or concerns.

    Just my 2c....


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      Thanks all for your response. I'm sure I will mos def find something that works for me from the list.
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