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Hello Warriors!

Quick question for Clickbank pro's out there!

I have 2 items approved in my clickbank account. The 2nd item on the same account I setup to go to a different landing page. I found out after the item was approved there's no way to direct a user to another landing page using hoplinks. What I wanted to do was something like this:


Where would you put the #2 in that link so that it goes straight to the new landing page? I was told by Clickbank support I need to setup some type of PHP redirect?

I am trying to do this because I have a few affiliates who will not promote my item unless I REMOVE my optin from the page. I perform a lot of my own marketing and I don't want to remove my optin form... so I setup a separate item going to a new landing page without an optin form so they can promote... but now I have no idea they can create a hoplink or PHP redirect as Clickbank says I need to in order to get them to the new landing page I created.

Any help on this is appreciated! All I can see doing now is creating a whole separate Clickbank account .. I know there has to be an easier solution...

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