Real world internet marketing training?

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Hi everyone.
I am finding it very hard to get started in internet marketing. I was thinking if I could find a real world school that teaches internet marketing (rather than an online school) that that would help me get things done. Does anyone know of a real world school or a degree program that trains people in internet marketing? I tried searching for "internet marketing degree" in google but just got a bunch of degree programs that you do over the internet.

Thank you
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    Do what I did... buy a ton of WSOs, and find time to sit and hammer them out one-by-one.

    Seriously... I doubt there's a degree program that you can join to earn a "degree" in internet marketing. You can go to school for "marketing", but its not the same.

    The majority of IMers learn on their own... from others. There are IM "courses" that you can take for thousands of dollars, but IMO... its alot cheaper to learn techniques from this forum.

    I hope this helps...


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    Some universities offer certificate programs as well...I know here in Toronto I can take courses in IM that are offered by the school of continuing studies. To be honest, I'd rather learn online than offline from a professor in a classroom environment...that would kill the fun.
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    Two Words: War Room. Arguably the best "WSO" you'll ever buy. It is a full packed "training", if you may call it that way.

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      There is a university called Full Sail here in Central Florida that offers an Internet Marketing degree.
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    California University Online.... They offer a REAl world degree in IM>.. And I am not making a wild guess... Go do a Google search on Caluniversity

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    I am a student at Full Sail University, and they have just launched the Internet Marketing Degree (which I would have gone into if I had the chance now.)

    Full Sail is a tough school though, as the education is accelerated (you got 2 years of schooling in 1 year, and semesters are broken down into 1 month segments.)

    Full Sail and my article writing business take up 90% of my time now. My girlfriend hates it, hahaha.

    She won't hate 5 years from now though (I'm a determined individual.)

    Full Sail is a great school though, I would recommend it.
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    The BEST Internet marketing course is the Warriors forum. If you stick around long enough you'll find a couple mentors that will help you get started in the right direction.

    DLx Business Reviews

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    I've seen curriculum for so called Internet Marketing Courses at Offline colleges. It's been my impression that what "they" mean by IM and what "We" mean by IM are two different things. Then again I'm not familiar with Full Sail.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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