Mac Viruses and how to know if you've got one?

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How do Trojan Horse/Backdoor viruses get installed on a Mac, and how do you know if you have one?

How many Mac users on this forum have virus software installed on their computers? If so, what programs are you using?

Will a program such as Clean My Mac CleanMyMac - Enjoy your clean Mac with just a few clicks! remove Trojans and Viruses, and if not, how to you first of all, detect them, and secondly, get rid of them?

How many Mac users on this forum have had viruses or Trojans installed on their Macs? If so, how did you deal with them.

Just curious, because this morning I visited a site that was linked from a website in a Warrior's sig file and the virus software detected a Trojan Horse on the site. I have no idea as to how a trojan on a site enters your computer, so am really looking for information or tips from Mac users who have actually had to deal with this, as I am well aware that Mac's can get infected the same as PC's but I have no previous experience with this myself.
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    Sometimes anti-virus software will give a false positive
    also known as false detection. Although Macs are not 100%
    safe from viruses and trojans, I believe the chances of infection
    are less likely.

    Perhaps you can contact the support team of the anti-virus
    software company and get them to confirm if it is a false
    positive to give yourself a peace of mind.

    Let emotions serve you and not enslave you.

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    I use Sophos. The best ever anti-virus (I
    have used for the Mac).

    PS: Did I mention it's free?
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    There has been some sneaky malware going around where it pops up a fake iTunes in your browser making you think its infected and clicking on their virus software to clean it and eventually buy it.

    WATCH OUT for that stuff, it almost got me the first time I saw it...
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