Funny trend I've noticed on high-converting landing pages that defies conventional marketing

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Traditional landing page philosophy is to have one focused message in one column on the page. And most sales pages we see are like that.

But recently, I've seen more and more "blog-style" landing pages that have two columns: a wide text column on the left for the sales letter, and a smaller sidebar on the right with product info, testimonials, etc.

It seems two columns would distract the reader, but I'm starting to see this more and more, and am wondering if these "blog-style" pages convert better.

Have you tested this for your sales pages?

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    Well I have not personally tested this, I would imagine there is some truth to it. That is actually what Google wants to see on their landing pages right now. More of a blog style sales page with sidebars and all that other good stuff.

    I think if you watch this video, it will really help you out.

    The Anatomy of a Perfect Squeeze Page Template | Digital Marketer
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    It's hard to tell if that would work but I did follow the tips from below article to increase my squeeze page conversion rate. It's been very effective for me so far. Hope this helps.

    3 Tricks that Increases Squeeze Page Conversions
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    I would be very interested to hear other people's opinion as well. I've always stuck to single column pages.
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    Hi YonghoShin,

    Do you not think that this is to do with flogs?

    Roger Davis

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      For any product outside IM probably not. I think the blog style page will convert better in the IM niche as so many people are sick of splash pages!
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      Originally Posted by ExRat View Post

      Hi YonghoShin,

      Do you not think that this is to do with flogs?
      Great point. I'm seeing so many of them these days. A really interesting variation I've seen is a fake news site. There's an extremely popular **** berry one that looks JUST LIKE, and my guess is that it converts like crazy.

      I think people feel differently about a two-column page vs a one-column page on a gut level (blogs seem less salesy than a landing page), but I wonder if that is enough to justify the huge psychological burden of giving the prospect too many things to look at.
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