What are the Hot opportunities these days

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I'm new to internet marketing and have seen so much information and products that I don't know where to start. Things that worked before may not work anymore. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

What opportunities should I be looking at right now? What product should I buy? From Local, offline, to CPA, affiliate marketing its difficult to decide.

Please help
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    Welcome Mustafa,

    As someone new to Internet Marketing I understand your feelings all too well. I'll give you some suggestions and you can go in any direction you wish from there.

    First just I'd say take about a week and read all the posts in as many of the forums here on the warrior forum. While reading the forums have a notebook, wordpad, notepad, excel whatever you want and just make some notes about things you not only learn but a method of Internet Marketing (IM) that interests you.

    It is a lot to process so next take about 2 days without thinking too much about it then come back and review your notes.

    Pick the type of method you wish to start making money doing and search the warrior forums for a program or a coach that is in your interest, buy and/or sign up.

    Next once you have the method/program or coach, Stick with it TAKE ACTION. One of the biggest issues with newbies like myself is we get overloaded with information and buy things and never take action. So pick one thing and go full steam forward with it. If it doesn't work out try something ONLY have after you have a major effort on trying the method you have.

    Finally, ask for help or questions everyone here is friendly and willing to help.

    Good luck in your adventures.
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    weight loss and get my ex back are usually good
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    Hey there Mustafa,

    Common Misconception: "Affiliate Marketers believe that it is somehow much easier to sell a $20 eBook than it is to sell a $1,500 Premium marketing course."

    Truth is, that is not even close to a reality...

    Think of it like this. If both products converted at 1% (which most products do, even if they suck) then you would be able to make a sale if you sent 100 targeted visitors to that affiliate offer.

    If you sent traffic to the eBook offer, you would make like $10 bucks at a 50% commission...

    But if you sent that same targeted traffic to a $1,500 Premium, ultra slick marketing course, you would make $750 big ones for the same amount of time, energy and money.

    So now ya really gotta ask yourself... "What kind of affiliate offer do I want to spend all my efforts driving traffic to?"

    I think the answer is obvious...

    And I hope that helps you out man...
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    Don't buy any product.

    Pick a niche you're interested in, build a list - don't sell anything to them.

    Eventually develop a product that would help them out and sell it to your list and tne through affiliates and places like Clickbank.
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    That's a very big question...and there is no easy answer.

    You need to do more research and find an opportunity that suits your experience and skills.
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    The best opportunities are and always will be the ones that aren't being discussed by the masses.
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    It's kind of funny because a lot of the hot opportunities from yesterday, will still be hot today and tomorrow. Stuff like making money, love and dating, health and diet will always be hot as long as there are humans around, lol
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