Who Uses Facebook Anymore?

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In a news filler yesterday it was reported that a 100,000 Facebook users had closed their accounts in the UK and 6 million US users had done the same this year.

As the report would have it, users are getting bored of Facebook and are leaving it for other new things. Possibly, but something else in the report interested me...

Part of the report detailed that there are 30 million UK Facebook accounts. That would be half the population - which is clearly an untrue interpretation of the figures.

Here is my point - More likely is that users have more than one account - one for each business, one for personal. Actual, individual UK users could be as low as 5-10 million, (yes, I realise those numbers are still good in some circumstances!), which makes Facebook's aim to achieve a billion users worldwide seem unlikely to ever happen if you use the same calculation for every country.

So, I'm sure I'm not unique in having more than one account - doesn't everyone?
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    I do... to connect and message people because it's often easier than email. Plus its a great way to find people after a party or something... instead of exchanging email addresses etc I find them on Facebook.

    Socially it's a great way to check out photos and the lives of my friends.

    Maybe it will contract a little... but I dont think we're talking boom-bust here.
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    I wonder where everyone who has closed an account has moved to.... that's if they have moved. Are there any new social networking sites out there??
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      The report said that some users, students for example, would close their account at exam time to avoid distraction.......

      I think that's nonsense.
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        Originally Posted by IndigoJack View Post

        The report said that some users, students for example, would close their account at exam time to avoid distraction.......

        I think that's nonsense.
        From personal experience, I know a good handful of people who tried this, not to say it worked of course. A few weeks later you see them on your friends list again. There's no getting away from Facebook.
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        True. I have more than one account, one is personal for close friends and other is my public account. I think Facebook is still a great social network to stay connected.
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          I do, I have fan pages for my niche areas and they work great.

          I am actually making that standard part of each of my niches now. I'm not alking about things like individual product page websites, but markets where there is enough depth to support differing opinions on things and a large amount of saleable products and services.

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        Originally Posted by IndigoJack View Post

        The report said that some users, students for example, would close their account at exam time to avoid distraction.......

        I think that's nonsense.
        Yeah I don't believe that AND I don't believe that millions of people have closed their FB accounts. You can't believe everything you read about stuff like that.
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    There's an interesting online tool that shows Facebook membership trends of countries:

    Facebook Statistics by country - Socialbakers

    As I recall, a couple of months ago there were huge drops in China and a troubled middle eastern country (Egypt?) where 1/2 of the member pages disappeared. Perhaps people were avoiding persecution by their government by removing themselves from this meeting place for dissidents.
    (At this same time the membership from Vatican city went up 400%, up to about 220 members)

    Just noticed membership in Lybia is down -83.63% for the last 3 months.

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    Blah blah blah ...did they say how many new people opened new accounts that year? There will always be people closing they're accounts but there is always new people to come. Facebook doesn't have to worry about losing heads.
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    I have more than one account... I am considering closing my personal one. I do most of my "personal" social networking offline :-)

    As for your estimate of only 5-10 million users... you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.

    Just about every person age 70 or less I socialize with offline... facebooks.

    Out of the hundreds of millions of users I doubt that very many of them have more than one profile... which still means that the current user base is in the hundreds of millions.
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      Originally Posted by Josh Anderson View Post

      As for your estimate of only 5-10 million users... you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.
      Meant within the UK! I'm not a complete dunderhead.

      I'm suggesting that the number of individual users is probably much less than the number of accounts that exist because each user might have several accounts.

      Facebook probably can't produce figures for this.
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    I only have one account personally and I rarely use Facebook. My wife makes me use it so I can accept event invites from friends. Other than that I have no use for it besides using it as a marketing tool.
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    I think Facebook is going to be around for a while yet...for the 100,000 that closed accounts how many signed up?
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    600 million people...
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    • Profile picture of the author Lea Karana
      I feel a little guilty after spending an hour or two a day in this forum, reading ebooks, reading reports, videos and all IM related, (cause im not really "working") and thats for educational purposes

      I cannot imagine doing the same thing with facebook, its just crazy in my opinion and there are only 24 hours a day.

      Some of my friends have closed their accounts after realizing how addictive facebook is. they would say instead of doing their homework and studying for exams they would just go to facebook and waste at least a good hour checking everyone's status, pictures, comments etc" whats the point!! unless if your getting ideas to create the next facebook then by all means go for it, i encourage it.

      But for the "regular" people who are trying to improve their lives and build a future i seriously cannot imagine wasting time everyday.

      Just my opinion and i stick by it 100 percent

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  • Profile picture of the author xxdksxx
    There is still a ton of people using Facebook. I am focusing on everything there are gonna be people on Facebook for a long time.

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    I keep my personal and professional profiles separate with my personal photos/profile on facebook and professional profile on linkedin.
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    Who doesn't use facebook? I find that alot of people will close there facebook accounts, but then they get drawn back in over time.

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  • Profile picture of the author Matthew Loop
    Even with double accounts, Facebook has 500 million unique users easily. Marketers are the ones that usually create double accounts, not 95% of the other users.

    Facebook has been, and continues to be a cash-cow!

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  • Profile picture of the author Targeted Traffic
    I have only one account and I use it basically for catching up with friends, I dont really update it frequently anymore though, for those who basically just use it for socializing it can be a bit of a bore at times actually...
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  • Profile picture of the author Martin Bauer
    Me neither, it just got really boring. Twitter is better, more up to date
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    • Profile picture of the author OT2131
      I can see why people are getting bored with it...I noticed myself not going on as much the past few months...dont think it will ever disappear though
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    i prefer twitter instead facebook
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  • Profile picture of the author GetMoreTraffic
    With the huge numbers of members that Facebook have, churning 100,000 accounts would be perfectly normal. I bet they have added five new ones for everyone that closed.

    Anyway, who actually closes an account? Most people just stop using it...
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    • Profile picture of the author MikeFriedman
      I do not know if I saw the same report or a different one. The report I saw stated that this time of year a lot of college graduates will close their Facebook accounts. They do not want potential employers seeing all the pictures of them partying, drunk, or doing anything stupid. That I can believe.
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    The article is sort of pointless since it doesn't say how many people joined during the same timeframe. Facebook still seems very active to me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steven Miranda
    Some people may have closed their accounts but Facebook is HUGE. When your 70 yr old grandmother uses Facebook daily that means it is big.
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    • Profile picture of the author Peeps66
      I've never used it! When it is stated that they are using Face recognition software and their total regard for privacy, I can't see that I will.

      Have they got the rights to use anything on the site to make money ie sell photographs of you or any personal information that may be useful to some marketing department? I know they were trying!
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  • Profile picture of the author WDM
    Yeah, like its been said above. Your estimate of 5-10 million is a bit low. Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in the world (I think I read that recently, only following Google), so I'm sure there are hundreds of millions of people using it. I'm not going to lie, I kind of chuckled when i saw you say 5-10 million...then I checked the date to see if this was a really old post, you were de-xaggerating (whatever the reverse is lol) right?
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  • Profile picture of the author Alex Lin
    It happen when the market become saturated. People are moving to their interest niche.
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  • Profile picture of the author celente
    This is gunna sound weird, but i had lots of fans on facebook and used it heaps, but since canning it, I have been making more money.

    Dont ask me why, but i sat down last night and worked out it was more to do with no waisting time updating stuff every 3 mins. Its a time killer, and you are not more productive when you are on there, and you sort of get side tracked.

    bye bye facebook, not going back there either.
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  • Profile picture of the author kurk
    I use Facebook everyday. It doesn't matter if some people have closed their account. New accounts open every single day!
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