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I'm new to the forums and new to IM, but VERY passionate about making this a success and being able to make profits. I was wondering though..Would it be a good idea to purchase a niche blog from one of the many WSO and start marketing, posting ads and trying to generate traffic off those just to start off with? Have any of you done this and have you had success by doing so. If so did you see any kind of profits and how long did it take for you to see any profits? Any other advice on starting out would be greatly appreciated!
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    If you buy it already made then you wont know how to build one yourself which is cheaper. And after you have that first one working you will want another and then you will have to learn it anyway so why not learn right away, so you can make as many as you want.

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      It seems like there is so much into building your own blog..I want a nice looking one, that wont take a arm and a leg to create. Again, this is only to start out and test to see how it goes..But i understand what you are saying.
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    Just do some brief KY research on anything that springs to mind using google keyword tools, you will soon find an untapped niche that can hopefully bring you in some dollars.
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    It seems cheaper to do it on your own, but outsourcing it will save you tons of time.
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      Originally Posted by mr.g-dh View Post

      It seems cheaper to do it on your own, but outsourcing it will save you tons of time.
      Thanks for that and from the other poster, I guess my question is now..What are some tips of starting your own niche blog lol
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    hey brandonj,

    actually it is relatively easy to build a blog, but HARDER to get traffic
    so building a blog is one, but then you must do back end stuff, like backlinks, and get STEADY traffic.

    Actually when I started I thought the same thing. I followed Joel comm the guru, and he gave me the runaround. I thought once you build it [the blog] they will come...

    Do you have hosting yet?

    If you want, I'll make you a nice blog for the price of going to Dinner
    That won't cost an arm and a leg
    I'll also be willing to share what I know in coaching if you'll give me a nice offer

    good luck

    Mind-blowing intelligent writing services!

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