Over $1,000,000.00 in Prizes!

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Hey Warriors,

Is it me or are folks getting out of hand with their "Prizes" for new product launches.

For those of you who aren't familiar with new product launches, there are all sort of incentives that product creators put into place in an effort to recruit potential Affiliates / JV Partners.

That's good...and needed...


Since when is "Renting" a Lamborghini, Lotus, Ferrari or any other Luxury vehicle for 3 days or a week and using that cars value/ Purchase Price as the Value of the prize legit?

I mean, is it really true that the Prize Pool is $250,000K just because your renting a car for someone for 3 days? To me, that means that the Prize would = $1k or what ever the VALUE of the Rental is.

If your saying that you have over $50k, 250k, 500k or even a Million in prizes that will be given away, one would assume that the Dollar amount /actual prize value would equal it? Right?

Not to mention, could you imagine....driving a Rented Lamborghini in your neighborhood for 3 days....what would your neighbors think when you tell them you have to give it back....lol.

To me it's misleading, and if product creators are misleading the very Affiliates they are trying to recruit, what's that say about the product?

False Claims?

I bring this up, because I actually came across a JV Prize pool that is "Claiming" 1 Million in Prizes when in fact it's basically a rental car fleet.

Here's the thing....if your a product creator...especially a new one and your trying to make your mark / get good affiliates on your side, offering rental cars ( or anything rented for that matter) probably will not entice the folks you're looking for....to me it's a complete turn off and if anything makes me look the other way.

I'm not saying that anyone who does this is shady, but it certainly makes me think twice about promoting the offer. If there was honesty straight out of the gate, and the rental price was used that's a different story.

(IE, the price of the rental is $500 per day x 3 days =$1,500 Cash Value -NOT- $250,000 because that's what the car/whatever is worth)

Is it me? ...would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Keep Rockin

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    First of all I agree with everything you said so far. I am swayed by these contests because who is monitoring them. They could promise 10,000,000 in prizes but who knows who or if anyone receives any of these prizes.
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