The Hardest Niche I Ever Took...

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Hey, I am new to this forum so I just wanted to introduce myself. This is not a typical introduction. It is more like a way for me to introduce my knowledge to the community. Enough about that, let us continue to the reason of the thread.

So as the title says, this may be one of the hardest niche I have ever taken... I am no rookie to the entire Internet Marketing or SEO game, nonetheless, i think it is right for me to post this thread to help my fellow warriors who are struggling with Internet Marketing.

Now for the niche. It is the almighty fashion niche for the keyword "fashion." If you check the #1 site in Google, you will notice it is very competitive. I seem to like challenges. The fashion niche came to me as an idea. Not disclosing the idea, but lets just say it has potential to make me enough money. And it will be a learning experience for me.

Now lets look at our competition. Our competitor, is very difficult. This is my SEO analysis:

  • EMD - Exact Match Domain
  • Tons of backlinks - High quality and relevant
  • On page optimization is well done.
  • DMOZ listing
  • 14 year old age.
My analysis does not end there but to keep this short, lets go with that. Now for our domain name ( will share later once I set it up ) We have :

  • keyword in the domain
  • 4 year age
  • TLD
So, just by looking at that, you may say I have no chance, but I'm willing to stick it out. Insane profits in the long run.

My monetization is very simple. the typical CPA offer, Adsense, selling ad space, selling links, etc. Also, I came up with a two monetization ideas. The idea is basically a product, and the other one will basically create a community.

Lets go through the techniques one by one. We will use CPA with our ads, and email list. Adsense will be placed in the ad slots as well and also, in the content. Possibly one ad block in the content so the site would not look spammy. The rest is explanatory.

Also, I will be using Aweber to create my targeted mailing list so I can use the list to throw CPA offers, etc.

So for now, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.

I have three hours until I begin. I suppose unless Goddady does not deliver the domain in the middle of the night

If I receive the domain name at 12 on the dot, I will update this thread with my current progress. Daily updates of course.
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    You're right. One word Key words for huge competitive niches are almost impossible to crack. Tons of time, money, manpower and luck are required. Good luck!
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    Originally Posted by Tiffan Meloney View Post

    Also, I will be using Aweber to create my targeted mailing list so I can use the list to throw CPA offers, etc.
    This right here puts you way ahead of the game. Start building that list as soon as you possibly can. Make a 5 tips to wear summer whites or something like along those lines to get subscribers if you don't have something ready to go. Also start signing up with various merchants who have affiliate programs.

    When I first started I built a list around high heel shoes. I promote coupons and free shipping codes all the time and to this day still make a size-able part-time income through affiliate marketing.

    Additionally I hope you are in for the long haul with a one work keyword. It's going to take some serious branding on your part to become a big player in your niche.

    Best of luck in your marketing.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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      Also you might want to consider media buying on the highest ranking sites for your keyword and/or relevant phrases. Write articles for ezine publishers, blogs, and offline outlets such as magazines, industry journals, and merchant newsletters to drive traffic to your site. It's not essential to rank to crack any competitive niche.
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    Now time for updates. I set up the website, optimized the entire site and I am now ranking one post for a keyword. It is number 2 as we speak. Now let me explain it to you in detail

    i used these plugins :

    All in one SEO
    Wp- Social bar
    SEO presser
    Search engine terms tagging 2
    Wordpress sitemap
    Google XML sitemap

    I wrote two posts yesterday and one is already ranking. It is #2 in Google. I am planning to get it to #1 today or tomorrow. Other than that, I captured one lead, so that is a plus

    Any questions?
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    It is going to be interesting thread. Will be much more interesting with updates on your off page SEO.
    Action expresses priorities - Mahatma Gandhi
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      Originally Posted by ok123 View Post


      It is going to be interesting thread. Will be much more interesting with updates on your off page SEO.
      Let me go through that in some detail. I will not share all I know but some

      So basically I have tested the way Google ranks its webpage. The main concern when trying to rank a webpage is it must answer a question. Hence the reason we, as SEO professionals, optimize our pages for certain keywords.

      Next, is the "trust." Trust is determined by various sources, some I am unsure of. You want a trusted website, that way Google can give you some love .

      Now my off page SEO is mainly tools such as SEnuke, AMR, SB, and Xrumer.
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