Need some help with list building questions...

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Everyone knows that developing your list is essential to big money online.

I'm compiling a list of top burning questions that you would want to ask a top marketer?

My list looks like this at the moment:

What tricks do you use to increase your open rate?
What is a good open rate?
Should you send promos as a broadcast mail or drop it into a sequence?
What are your favourite methods of getting traffic into your list?
How long should your mail be?
How many links?
To use HTML or not?
Best autoresponder?
Send daily / every 2 days etc?
When to send just a value email instead of selling email?

and so on... any ideas??
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    I've read about people using surveys in their mailing lists to ask questions of their members like that. This way you can find exactly what people find important in your niche.

    This board is a perfect place to find the top questions internet marketers are asking. You could start your list right from the questions being asked on this board.

    Nothing to see here folks.....move along.

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    here's another I just saw - about the 5-8 mails being the most important to set trust and credibility
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