Twiends drops Facebook feature

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This from their site:

We're closing our Facebook features

posted this on Jun-17 11:30

It's with great regret that we have decided to close our Facebook features.
Unfortunately, Facebook are not happy for Twiends to promote Facebook fan pages in the way that we have up until now. After a fair bit of discussion this week with Facebook we have decided that changing the feature the way they have requested will not lead to a good experience for Twiends users. Our goal is to help people grow their social networks in an ethical and compliant way. We want to be a great discovery engine for users, and we always want to make sure that we conform to the policies of the networks that we integrate with.
Although we would love to have Facebook on board with us, we see this as an opportunity to expand the Twitter services we offer. We have some exciting features planned on the Twitter side, such as competition features, and with the removal of Facebook from Twiends we'll now have the capacity to roll these features out. We see this as an exciting new chapter for Twiends, where we can hopefully become an even more valuable contributor to the Twitter ecosystem.
We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused. In many ways this was out of our control. The Facebook profiles that are on the site will be removed over the course of the next few days and a small redesign of the site will be made to make space for the new features we'll be rolling out..
Please open a support request above if you need specific assistance on this..
Going to be difficult for them to survive without facebook. That's what people used it for.

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