Can't Plan A Business Strategy? Here's A Thought!

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My Dear Warriors,

I have been asked a lot of questions after I published my thread and a major thing I noticed was 99% of the people didn't have a specific business strategy to follow.
So this post is going to help you plan a business strategy which can be followed till you start seeing success.

Marketing For Offline Businesses vs. Marketing For Own Website
Let’s decide the most important thing now: are you going to promote your own site, or are you going to target offline businesses?

Marketing For Offline Businesses

In my opinion, targeting offline businesses is much easier because you need just 1 client to get rolling. Moreover, the competition is very less and ranking is going to be very easy if you know some basic SEO. Charging for Website Creation, Social Media Marketing & Google Local Places listing is a big plus because social media sites do the work for you after a little push.

If you don’t know any SEO then you can offer Facebook Fanpage creation and Twitter account creation, which can be done by anybody (learn it on Youtube). With Fiverr you can easily outsource this stuff and make money.

Marketing Own Websites

This is going to be a little complicated at first because you have to learn quite a lot of stuff. It is going to take you more time than marketing for offline businesses because your income is dependent on the website and there is some heavy competition.

Moreover, promoting affiliate products, CPA, CPC or own products will not give you instant results. You should be patient, wait for things to fall in its place and then hit the jackpot. You are going to be among one of the million gazillion competitors so a good SEO knowledge is necessary.

If you are going to be consistent & determined then success is yours in 3 months from now.

Own Product Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

If you are new, or you are not confident about launching your own product, then don’t do it just because others are doing the same. Tell me this: an affiliate site takes 2 hours to create & launch and the product is already created for you, why do you have to make your own product then?

Yes, own products make you more money than affiliate commissions, but if you have never earned money, as a marketer, from affiliate products, you are going to find promoting own products a pain in the a** because you require high investment (both time and money) & extreme market knowledge.

Own Product Marketing

I advise strongly against this because I have seen a lot of times a few members asking for help on how to make money. In 2 days they launch a WSO that teaches people "how to make a thousand bucks in 12 hours". This is not good for the internet. This is not good for marketers. This is bad unethical way of marketing. Simply put, this is rubbish.

On the other hand if you have a great method to share, which has worked out for you, then it’s time to get a product rolling. This is good ethical generous marketing.

Please don't copy other WSOs content, rewrite it, tweak it (or watever) and resell it as yours, it hurts to see so many warriors wasting their money trusting such products.

Offering Services

This is a great way to start, especially if you are new and want to establish a solid business that helps marketers. You can offer article writing, content distribution, link building, ebook creation, website design, keyword research, etc etc etc whichever you are good at, or whichever you can outsource to a quality service.

This is something you might want to consider doing because a lot of warriors really need quality services and they will be happy if you provide them with one.

Again, Fiverr is a cool place to start off things if you like this model.

How To Plan A Business Strategy

Choose only one of the above models and stick to it. You may not make money in the next 24 hours or even for another month or two, but things will start happening for you, like it did for all the successful people here.
Once you’ve picked up a business model, go ahead and plan a strategy – take even 2 hours to do it (that’s called investing).
Set yourself a sensible target to achieve.


I can’t scream more, but seriously – TAKE ACTION; else you will never live your dreams.

Here’s something that I learned after years of ups and downs:

“Success is something that comes with hard work. If it comes immediately, it's called luck.”

So work hard. Have Fun. Enjoy Your Success & Share Your Happiness.

I hope you found this useful.

To Your Success,
A Fellow Warrior,

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