I have Opress but not quite what i need..

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hi warriors, im looking for some possible options for what I want to do.

I have watchourflip.com, we just closed on a house and will be rehabbing it and flipping it for profit in 90 days (or so).

I want a site that will showcase the latest video on a large video box at the top, then i want to be able to have thumbnails of all the past videos that people can click and watch once they enter their info into the optin box.

I want it simple and easy, and I like the look of opt press which i bought and are toying around with now, but i want more options to show past videos, and also COMING videos that I can grey out as teaser to get optins.

the list im trying to develop and target are buyers brokers and agents, retail buyers that want to get first shot at our properties before we list them on the MLS, and other real estate investors who may want to partner with us OR give us the funds and let us make the money for them.

look forward to any feedback or ideas of optimize press type programs that are user friendly for people like me to use.


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    Hey there,

    Something you may want to look into is maybe a portfolio type of theme. Use a static front page with a single video and opt in to get the subscribers, and then when they do subscribe have the confirmation redirect url be the rest of the site. Simple, effective, I do this for local real estate and and some car dealers. Just pop over to Google and search for "wordpress portfolio themes", or variations.

    As far as the "teaser" part, greying out the video, you can simply change the video on the front static page to be the latest, and leave it vague and the people wanting more until they sign up, and have the full video as the first one once signed up.

    Not a ton of options with exactly what you want done, outside of having someone code it from scratch, which could get expensive. Look at some of the portfolio themes and see if they would help.


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      For the same price or less of another one-size fits all solution, you can just get someone to program it into your theme. Not terribly hard or time consuming.

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        yea, what you think that would cost me? find them here on the forum? should I put up a wanted ad? I just want some more real estate theme vs guru sales page. I LOVE Optpress because its easy to work with, has some great features and looks awesome.

        I want to have a picture of my wife and I standing back to back at the property, maybe some static pics or something. I guess i need to just tinker around wtih OP more, but I will put up something here looking for someone to help. how much is fair? 50 bucks?
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    check this out, i just got this. I like the look of this site, the guy told me this

    yes, i do use OptimizePress.. you can create showcase page by choosing Launch Funnel Pages / Product Launch Pages..

    here is his site which I like, this may do the trick!!!

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