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What do you guys think of free web hosting sites like x10, byethost, or awardspace for starting out? Would I still be able to use Wordpress?

Thanks for any input.
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    You can use free hosting, but you'll get limited resources such as not being able to control the spam your get to your blog with askimet, and if you get a shed load of traffic, then you may find that your account may get put on hold.

    You'll also have to remember that because it's free, there be a lot more downtimes, if you can afford it, then head over to hostgator, where you c an get hosting for under $10 per month, or another option, use a free account such as blogger or you tube.

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    I think most of those free hosting sites plaster ads all over too, but been awhile since I had a look.

    yes, I am....

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      Ahhh... avoid free hosting like the plague

      it's not like a decent hosting plan cost you much anyway, and it gives you so much potential... I've got a great section on cPanel hosting in my eBook (see sig) which will show you why it's better to just shell out the cash

      I say.. why put so much effort into SEO and the such just to have your efforts potentially punished by google for being hosted on a server with a bunch of spam
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    Try to stay away from free hosting as much as possible. That's all I can say about free hosting

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    If you're serious about affiliate marketing, I'd pick up a cheap shared hosting account from HostGator. They offer good hosting for a decent price. You can host several sites on one account. Customer service isn't always great, but you will eventually find some smart people working there. And once you do, remember their names so you can ask for them later!

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    I used byethost and had a lot of problems, but maybe it is just me. There are on ebay many web hosting services. Most will charge $5 for a year. They are great if you have little traffic and can put up with minimal service.

    Still, that is an option if you have little money. Look for people with good ratings and remember many of these are $5 for only the FIRST year. After that the rate goes up. All the best to you.
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    i don`t like free hosting, this is why
    1. Lost Credibility
    2. Limited Features
    3. Overcrowded servers
    4. Poor Customer Service

    i think it`s really "you get what you pay for"
    hope it helps..just try HostGator
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      Originally Posted by bayumaulana2003 View Post

      1. Lost Credibility
      That applies only if people can tell that it's free hosting. They often can, but there are some reliable, professional free hosting facilities available at which they can't (not even by looking it up at a site like "whohosts.com").

      Clearly the ones who put their own "advertising button/link" on your site don't look very professional, though.
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    There's good free hosting out there. As a general rule, yes free hosting will usually suck more than any paid hosting. That is usually true. But it's not always true.

    I have sites hosted on several free hosting providers. They're all static sites.

    For instance, I have a site hosted by 000 web host and it has been online for 2 years without any major interruption.

    There's another site I have hosted for free by SDF Public Access UNIX System . It has been online since 2002.

    Just because something is free doesn't mean it's necessarily bad.


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    Thanks a lot for your replies everyone. I'm glad I found out about free hosting now than before I got several sites up and running and then had to move them.
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    Don't know how reliable this one is but it offers a lot of storage and bandwidth without ads.

    Free hosting, web host free, free websites hosting, freewebsite
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    I would def go for hostgator..very cheap and you will have a much better experience than free hosting
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    Lex, you mean who-hosts.com ?
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    Free hosting was pretty big many years ago but now I would stay away from it for sure! With services like hostgator ...hosting is so cheap.. If you can't afford a few dollars per month I'm not so certain you are ready to invest in an online business.
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    Personally i don't encourage to use free hosting. It's becauseyou will lose your credibility,
    may facing server down, lots of ads and other problems. Perhaps you could try a low cost web hosting as low as 0.99 per month to suit your pocket.
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    There are a lot of experienced votes here for Hostgator. The cost seems low enough for anyone to get started.

    Thanks for the great information, from what I see here, free may or may not let you done but paid is the way to go.
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    I think it is not a wise decision to choose free hosting as there are limited resource. And why should you choose free web hosting, my friend is using ThakimHost and it is giving you web hosting at only $2/mo.
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    Exactly what others said.. You pay for what you get. If you're concerned about money.. then if you want Wordpress, get a wordpress blog for free or you can get an inexpensive host like jiffynet for $20/year. And they include Wordpress and a ton of other Fantastico products.
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    Despite what some people say you can get free hosting that doesn't have ads plastered all over it. Byethost.com and 000webhost.com are two I can think of that offer free hosting and can host Wordpress blogs as well as regular HTML sites without ads.

    If you plan on having a ton of traffic and reliability over 99.9% is important to you, I would not go with a free site though.

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        Free hosting is for sure not good. You have no control over anything really. A free host can just shut down at anytime and I have heard it happen many times.

        I own a web hosting company and have been offering web hosting for a couple years now. Wish you the best of luck.

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    Originally Posted by amarketing View Post

    What do you guys think of free web hosting sites like x10, byethost, or awardspace for starting out? Would I still be able to use Wordpress?

    Thanks for any input.
    x10 is good but bythost? banned by google....

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    There is 1 free hosting service I know is freewebhostingarea.com
    This is a good free hosting service as much i know. If you really have no money and want to host your site then I suggest you to go with this hosting.

    Now other one is hostbig.com
    This is one of the best paid hosting service i've used. If you want to host one website then it will just cost you $12 for a YEAR !!
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    #Unlimited Traffic
    #24*7 Live Support

    I personally use hostbig and very much satisfied with them. Yet never faced any downtime with them from last 7 months
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      Free hosting can be great when you're first getting started. Most people believe they are going to magically make money overnight so they spend a bunch of money on useless services in the beginning. Although there are many ways to make money online without a website, most likely you're going to need one.

      If you're just starting out you will realize pretty quickly that you will need to learn how to build websites. Even learning WordPress, as easy and user friendly as it is, takes time to learn. So there'e no use in wasting money for 6 months while you're trying to figure things out.

      With that said...you get what you pay for. So when it comes time to really get serious and you're ready start your business for real, you need to invest in solid, reliable hosting.
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    If money is tight for you right now, then you can find deals on hosting on Fiverr. There are a couple of really good gigs on there that offer 1 year of hosting for just 5 bucks.

    Use the search function on Fiverr to find them.

    Or use blogspot, typepad, livejournal, squidoo, hubpages, etc. until you can make some money and buy some hosting.

    Good luck !
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