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Hey so i recently got into internet marketing and the first step i took was to make a blog, its been about 2-4 weeks and ive started posting articles and got some traffic maybe 5-15 per 4 articles i post or something but i hope you like it.*|*Alternative health natural medicine and nutrition

please be honest and tell me what you think. And if the current design is good enough to make money from it. Any tips how i can improve it will also be welcomed.

Have a splendid day!
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    Looks not bad. I'd suggest change the font and increase its size a little bit. Also, it feels like it's kinda slow loading (maybe just for me, not sure). Guess that's because of a lot of plugins installed.
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    Agree with Nick, slow loading. All in all it looks very professional, well done.

    Now you have to work on developing content for it, and test/tweak your conversion rates.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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      the site looks pleasant and professional

      i especially like "Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces" lol nasty *******s
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        My only comment would be the topic of some of your articles (below) I agree with the point your making but people will be put-off and leave your site. Visitors need to be presold and making them feel bad won't make them want to buy your stuff.

        The secret to good sales is making people happy!
        Why I Will Not Eat Lamb Or Calf
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      Nice design, it's pretty easy on the eyes.
      I'm a web developer and iOS app developer - I'll make you a website or app!
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    hih, I visit your web: It's slow loading but nice background, and I like title blue color.
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    Great design, what theme is it?

    You should be proud! Now stick with it and keep creating content, then scale up with other blogs. Good luck!
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    One of my favorite themes ... Woo Gazette. I use a modified version of it a lot. Site looks good.
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    Your site is down.
    Action expresses priorities - Mahatma Gandhi
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    Checked your site out, looks cool, a little slow on loading but in all a very good looking site. One thing I would advise is, if you are looking for people to opt-in to your email list, is to make your box standout a little bit more.

    All in all a very good site, keep up the good work, Well Done..

    Read the rules - affiliate template sites not allowed.

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      I like the theme. Slow loading, but that can be fixed. I like the idea that your going for. Really like it. Tell us how it does.
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      Originally Posted by steveduval View Post

      One thing I would advise is, if you are looking for people to opt-in to your email list, is to make your box standout a little bit more.
      I agree with that. Are you going to use some lightbox like popupdomination ?

      But site looks fine. I liked.
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    Site looks good! I use Gazette too but in a scaled down version. If you've started out recently I must say that you got Adsense approved for your site in a very short period of time :-).

    Loading takes time though - maybe you could use some plug in to improve loading speed.
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    Really professional looking site - excellent job, especially if this is your first one. Agree with a couple of the other comments here: now really focus on good sticky content. BUT I would also say before you work on your site any more, work on getting traffic to it, then you can see if your visitors like it. :-)
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      I agree with a post above me about changing the font size.

      But other than that the site looks great to me! Great job
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        I think it is ok. Does the job
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    I like the theme, it's very suitable for the topic and looks professional.
    I would look for a more polished logo and maybe a catchier tag line. Also, as mentioned above, maybe a larger font size.
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      very nice site, but I would increase the size of the font a little and perhaps work a little bit with your header so it is more integrated in the rest of the site.

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    love it!...Just make sure you be consistent with new post updates. The easy part is over.
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    not sure if anyone mentioned it but an incent to sign up for the email list would be a good idea. doesnt have to be anything that would cost you money. a free e-book or something.

    The turd burger thing.......... why would someone think of doing that? how does something like that cross someones mind?
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    Nice layout and good information. Some warriors above mentioned slow loading, but it loaded pretty quickly for me.

    One thing I would change though is the optin "invitation". Instead of "Sign up for our mailing list" I would change it to something like "Sign up for our xxxx eZine (or newsletter)" replace "xxxx" with "weekly", "monthly", "periodical", etc., or just leave it out completely.
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