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I have joined paydotcom and have selected a product to promote
I have a query and a problem however and would like advice please...

I have my hoplink and have created what I hope is the correct bit of code to enable a link which produces the phrase "click to go to the webpage" on screen as a clickable link. which then takes the person to the sales page.

My query is that is this the correct form to use...

<a heref=" hop link)">click to go to the webpage</a>

I have used clickbank before & have had no problems, but would like to check the link is of the correct format.

The Problem I have is that when I put the link into my blog, and click on it, I get an error message when using firefox,

which is as below, with my actual user name to the right of the equals sign

Firefox can't find the file at /pdc.htm?id=(My paydotcom user name),

yet when I use Internet exp7 & click on the link in the blog I am taken straight to the product sales page.

Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hey Greg,
    The link you are looking for shoule look like this, where XXXXX is your userid so for mine, for this link it is,

    How did I come by that code? When you log in to, I clicked on, promote products > As an affiliate, You will see a list of products you are promoting, > Create/View Campaigns, and along the bottom of the page you can copy and paste you campaign code from the text box.

    I hope this explanation help clear that up for you. If not PM me and I will try my best to help you.

    P.S. Note to other members, I am not trying to sell here, I am to help.
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