will increasing domain suffixes affect IM techniques?

by mubb
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ICANN is planning to increase the domain suffixes, so there will be no more focus on .com or .org, but you can have many more options.

I am wondering if this will affect IM and in particular buying selling flipping domains. Maybe also affecting SEO ?

That is the link

BBC News - Icann increases web domain suffixes

interested in your opinion

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  • Profile picture of the author Ralf Skirr
    nope - totally unimportant for the everyday marketing or SEO.

    don't know about flipping.
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  • Profile picture of the author Gene Pimentel
    It won't affect flipping domains at all. To get one of the new TLDs, it takes an initial investment of $185,000.00. And, an annual renewal of $25,000.00. These new availabilities are mainly for major corporations who want to establish and/or maintain their own brand.
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