Facebook Fan Page vs. Group Page -- Which do I choose? (need your advice)

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I have a business selling my own info products and I'm wondering what the best way to establish my presence on Facebook is.

Should I set up a fan page or a group page? Or just a regular page?

And do should I make my Facebook home page a squeeze page? I've seen plugins that do that.

Basically, just looking for a recommended approach.

I have tens of thousands of subscribers on Aweber, meaning I could send those people to the FB page to get my "likes" and fans and whatnot.

Thanks for your help!
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    I set mine up as a community page. Not really sure why, but I kinda copied it off of a buddy of mine
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      Originally Posted by Chris Ramsey View Post

      I set mine up as a community page. Not really sure why, but I kinda copied it off of a buddy of mine
      I've never heard of a community page. What is that, exactly?
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    i usually use the brand/product page, with website category, why?, because if you choose that one, facebook can`t take over you page
    i have a friend that use community page, and when he already have 5000 people on it facebook banned that account
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    Yes, if your fanpage isn't directly tied to your business, then facebook can take over your page if it becomes too popular. You can prevent that w/ a brand/product page as long as the brand/product belongs to you, or you have permission from the brand/product to do it.
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    Originally Posted by BillyBee View Post

    Should I set up a fan page or a group page? Or just a regular page?
    Fan page, if you want to have full control and also pages provide you more marketing tools/options.

    You may want to check out Aweber's social media tools to integrate with your FB page.
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      Yes, set-up a Facebook fan page as opposed to a group. There's way more functionality and marketing ability. You will also want a squeeze page as your default landing page. It should be geared for 2 things. One, to get the "like." Two, to get the email opt-in.

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    As others have said, make a fan page. It is against Facebook's TOS to make any other type of page, including a personal profile page, for a business. Do a Facebook search of "static HTML" and you will be able to create a different landing page for "fans" and "non fans".
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    You should make a fan page with your brand name. There are lots of difference between fan page and group page. Google crawls walls of fan pages but it is not allowed to crawl group pages. Have you ever seen a group page in search results of Google?
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    I would honestly create all types possible and tie them all together for the best integration and social experience possible. Will also lend to increased credibility for yourself and/or your brand.
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      I have never tried this before but ideally if the product carries a lot of information like diet pills or health products i believe a group would be great because you can update on developments and new products and also include information on use and benefits.
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    Definitely a fan page. Much more flexibility and opportunity with marketing and as vvsingh said, they get crawled by Google.
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      I would recommend fan page. I've seen so many businesses who use this to market themselves and to attract potential customers. Why not trying it so you'll prove its worth.

      Way to success...

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    I'd go with a Fan Page so that you maintain a bit more control. I've seen too many group pages end up full of spam and unrelated mess from other users. It could be possible to avoid these problems through a good deal of moderating, but I believe a Fan Page would be easier to manage.
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    Great thread....so I see fanpage, but why? You get more control and marketing, can someone give me examples.

    I was told that you can email groups, but not fanpages
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    I would go with a fan page but if doing a squeeze page, stay away from the hard sell. People go to Facebook with a very different mindset then when they're looking for specific information elsewhere. Put a "face" on your fan pages and keep the tone personal. Make it a good resource and allow for lots of feedback from your "tribe".
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    Groups are great for keeping in touch with a group of people you have already connected with and want to have a discussion.

    Fan Pages would work great for info products but besides creating one for your product, create a fun community page as well. If you are selling a fitness product, then make something like 10,000 Fitness Fans who love the Bosu Ball

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    I would recommend fan page too. Essentially for the reason already mentioned that Facebook has the right to take ownership of your Group Page when it reaches a certain level of popularity.
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    I would say a fan page is the way to go. The level of customizing and flexibility allow for you to be more creative. If you so happen to use Wordpress you can even add your Wordpress page inside of your fan page or any other page you may be marketing.
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