whats better pop-ups or opt in on every page

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whats better pop-ups or opt in on every page for our sports site?
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    I detest all popups...apart from the ones that I sign up to things one.

    The debate is whether annoying 100 people for the sake of one opt in is worth it. Only you can make that call as it depends on if you are looking to keep your loyal visitors returning to your site, or instead do you want to capitalise on traffic that will only visit your site once.
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    If you are going to be seeing the same people on every page of your site then it is a bit pointless having opt-ins everywhere. I would put an opt-in on the home page and maybe some pop-ups on the other pages. Pop-ups have to be targeted though, otherwise you are wasting your time.
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      I'd do both - have an exit pop for those leaving without opting in and having optin boxes on my pages.

      Take a look at the optin boxes on bleacher report.com They are all customized based on the specific page you're looking for.

      So if you're looking at the sports report on the 49'rs - it says - get the latest news on the 49'rs - every page is targeted to the content...

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    depends on your site.

    I would definitely have both.
    The pop up increases email capture rates, it is that simple.

    You can set a cookie on the form so if people come back it will not pop up for them

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    I hate it when im heading to a site that has information that i _think_ i want (becuase i havent been there yet and have only seen a link on google) and when i get there the first thing i see is a popup.

    Dont even read it. Why would i. "We know you came to find something, but here is something else before you have even had a chance to see if we have what you wanted in the first place. WANT IT? WANT IT? WANT IT? LAST CHANCE?"

    How could i ever reply Yes to that...

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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    Both. But have the popup display only once per visit or per 7 days or similar. Not so it pops up each time they visit a new page on your site.
    Have an opt in and also display popup as chris said.Otherwise it is irritating customers.Have both.
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    I prefer opt-ins instead of pop-up. Sometimes pop-up annoys people and that keep them avoid visiting your site.
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    ok so i have an opt in on the side bar of my blog, but opt-in rates are low (mind you so is traffic at mo lol) I was considering a pop-up, but like some of you said I hate them myself so I'm in two minds about it. I do like the idea of an exit page pop up that catches people as they leave but wouldn't want it to pop up everytime the move from page to page as I'm noticing some of my visitors do, so is there a wordpress plugin or something I can use to enable one that only pops up on first visit, first page or something?
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    I've tested both. For my new blogs I only use a right sidebar opt-in form and no-popups. I've also designed single page websites whos sole purpose is to get mailing list signups. I offer the information if they signup to the mailing list....that's it....no website...no blog...just the signup. These can be effective if the offer is enticing.

    Nothing to see here folks.....move along.

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    Thanks for all of the input do you think it's better to have an opt-in box on the sidebar (if so which side left or right) or is it better to be in the center of each page?

    Also feedback on the current Free-Pick page would be greatly appreciated.
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    Some may say statistically pop ups are better but personally, after lurking the web for so many years, I hate pop ups and exit pop ups. Put a well place and useful optin on your pages and youll get great results and not piss people to the point where they never want to come to your site again.
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