it's impossible to get jobs on freelancer

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everyone wants to see reviews before accepting you.. im going after the big jobs so, that's probably why.. I need to do some smaller jobs before I get my hands on the bigger jobs.. then have my outsourcer do them for me

I have a question though for anyone that freelances on is there a way to pay for reviews from fiver because I notice some people with 1000s of reviews that say stuff like 1000 leads in one week, and they got there money within 3 days, that doesn't look realistic to me.
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    It's been said many, many times on this forum....if you are a freelancer, get your gigs on as many freelance sites as you can. There are literally hundreds of them....

    So spend a good 8-12 hours, compile the list of all freelance sites and start posting. Trust me, it works

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    Persistence is the key. Hit all the freelance websites you can find, and apply, apply, apply! Someone will eventually take a chance on you Good luck~

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    I've never bought a review, and I've managed to get two decent sized projects on Freelancer since I signed up two weeks ago. And I was the highest bidder on both projects.

    Me thinks your problem isn't the size of the project OR your lack of reviews brother. Are you sending a PM along with your bid? That's the equivalent of a "sales letter" on that site; write up something good and you'll get more attention.

    If you insist that reviews are your missing link, then just supply links to other sites where you have testimonials. Social proof is social proof, no matter the source.
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    Well, why dont you do following.

    Find a easy job.

    Contact the employer, and offer to that for free.

    Now spend few hours on writing a couple of articles.

    And now you have a review and are far more likely to get accepted.

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