One niche at a time, or 10 at once?

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Hi all, my name is Sam and this is my first post on the forum! I've been interested in IM for about four months now and I've been making a bit of cash as an Amazon affiliate.

First, I'd like to thank everyone for all of the help you have already given me. I've learned so much by reading the posts on here, this is a really great resource.

Here's my question in a nut shell: Is it better to work on one website at a time, or several at once.
Let me expand on that...

I could focus on one niche, write 50 articles for the site and schedule them to auto-post over the next several weeks. Then, move on to the next niche.

Or, I could work on 10 different niches at once, writing and posting articles every couple days.

By working on several niches at once, I think my immediate ROI may be higher, but perhaps concentrating on one niche at a time is a better strategy.

I look forward to your thoughts!

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    If you are starting out - one at a time.

    It will take a few tries to get your system organized and to test what works best. Not every site will work well and choosing niches and keywords is as much a matter of doing it to get experience as reading about how to do it.

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    Make sure each is in a different niche, and at least one of them is a mega niche (health, wealth or relationships). And don't forget lots of link lovin', assuming you're vying for SEO traffic. 50 articles out the gate is overkill for a content base.
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    From my experience is better to work on one niche at a time. When I first started I tried to tackle 10 to 15 niches but I quickly got overwhelmed. It was not easy for me to multitask for 10 to 15 websites, not to mention the costs.

    I would focus all of your energy on 1 niche (try picking one you really like) and hit it hard with quality content, backlinks, etc. You don't have to stay on this niche for a long time but at least try to have a nice content rich website before you move on to the next one.
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  • I would say if you are starting out then just focusing on one site at a time will be best. But if you feel comfortable with taking on multiple sites at one time then go for it. I think most people would have a problem staying organized and focused enough to get stuff done on each site. If you are a great time manager then do em all. try it out whats the worst that could happen? And great job on making money as an affiliate. I think thats a great way for people to start out making money.

    Peace and Love,
    Anthony Spencer
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      While it's better to work one niche at a time in my opinion, it's also important to do a lot of testing to make sure you're in the right niche that matches your skills and marketing ability

      When you're starting out though, focus is usually key
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    One to three for starters. Experiment to see what works for you. Once you figure out what's making money, build on that - either with new sites or building up a huge site.

    Some people do really well with multiple sites while some people make a killing with one site. It really boils down to what you like doing and what you want to create.

    I used to work on multiple sites, but have since focused on 2 sites for now with the bulk of my time on 1 site. I earn more this way and I get to focus on the niche/market I like the most.

    Also, I find once you build a large site that does decently in the search engines, new posts also rank fairly well quickly. I know there are exceptions and some people rank small sites very well. However, I prefer to spend more time on content than backlinking so managing 1 site means more time on content and less time on building backlinks.
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    Is it better to hit on one woman at a time or 5 at a time?
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      I'll be the black sheep and say, 'spread the risk.'

      Do it wisely.

      I build a few Blogger blogs a day, populate with PLR, Curated Content, and a few original articles that I outsource. (I use BlogHatter for this.)

      *I monetized with Adsense, Amazon, and a list builder if the niche would be well served by email marketing.

      Then I make a few blog and forum comments for backlinks (in RELATED blogs and forums) - I usually outsource this...

      I make all the backlinks run through a generic TLD 302 redirect to the Blogger blog.

      If it's profitable, I moved it to a self hosted TLD and change the 302 to a 301 pointing to the new TLD...
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    Starting out I'd recommend only starting with one or two domains, seeing what works, testing and then scale accordingly.

    The goal should be to identify what works, and then scale upon that. At that time you'll have created systems in which can be replicated and thus outsourced allowing you to grow a lot easier.

    Don't go in over your head and bite off more than you can chew when starting out. Its how too many of us fail!
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    Either is fine. You can do ten or one. I honestly recommend one at a time. Get one making a decent amount of money then head to making the next one. That is personally what I am doing.

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    From experience... start with only one or two and stay focused. You can expand later when the roots are in the ground on your first. And as the others said, be sure to test before you take the leap.

    Good luck!
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      Let's say, just for argument, that you were going to work on five sites, and each site would start generating income after 6 weeks of work.

      If you work on one site at a time, you could start seeing income from site 1 at about 6 weeks, then site two at 12 weeks, site three at 18 weeks, and by 30 weeks, you have all five sites generating income.

      If, on the other hand, you divided your attention, and worked on all five at once, it would take you the entire 30 weeks to begin generating income, when all five sites would start working for you.

      It's easy to see that in this simple example, it is better to work on a single site at a time. Of course, by working on one, you can focus better, and the subsequent sites may be easier to do based on what you learn on the first one...
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    Hey Sam ,
    U said u r in IM only for 4 months and witihn this period u earned a bit of money.
    Please help us newbies how u did that with amazon affiliates.
    I just need to know 1 solid step to earn money (yeah this varies with person t person) and any small amount will do.


    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    Learn how to do one thing well, not lots of things terribly.

    I had the same mentality as you for a long time "more sites must mean more money".

    Until you have a completely refined system, you outsource and have built a strong team - avoid it.

    It will only cause you more frustration.

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    When you start with one niche you will build a lot of experiance and confident to move on. we learn every day. You can use the cash generated from one website to build others instead of spending money on a multiple of sites.
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    definitely one at a time, especially if it's a niche product. strong sales letter is the key and of course the qualities of your product and support.
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    If you say you can write for those ten sites then you might try it. Keep on writing the articles for those sites and find out which ones are gonna be the money makers and then you can focus more on those and maybe get rid of the stragglers. Why not? If you can handle it. But!!! Don't do it if the quality is gonna suffer.


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    I agree with our old folk's suggestion above. If you are a beginner then go for a one site at a time. But if you are a more experienced dude then go for multiple sites. The problem with staying in one site is boredom and staying with too many sites will make you confuse. Its up to you if how good you can handle stuffs like this.

    You will be writing your content, setting up your own site. Its just right time management, really.

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      Originally Posted by Andrea Wilson View Post

      I agree with our old folk's suggestion above. If you are a beginner then go for a one site at a time. But if you are a more experienced dude then go for multiple sites. The problem with staying in one site is boredom and staying with too many sites will make you confuse. Its up to you if how good you can handle stuffs like this.

      You will be writing your content, setting up your own site. Its just right time management, really.


      Yes,i agree with this.Then as far as i'm concerned,concentrate on one site and one niche will sure have good result after one's efforts.I appreciate those guys who are professional in one specific career.
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    Go for 2 or 3 at a time (:
    or just find a number that works best for you. The number where you can still stay focused and not get bored by the same niche.

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    The answer is obvious to me,
    stay focus on one niche first,
    never try to handle too much things,
    once you see results, scale it up,
    and when it gets stable,
    then consider to move on to another
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