The Free Ressources for IMers Compendium

by MoaddinFM 6 replies

As we have a large number of new Internet Marketers, I was thinking of making a little compendium of free ressources for IMers.

Text Edition Software:
OpenOffice @ www: - The Free and Open Productivity Suite

Keyword Research Tools:
Free Wordtracker Tool @ Free Keyword Suggestion Tool From Wordtracker
Google Keyword Tool @
Good Keywords @
Firefox Seo Extension @

Plagiarism/Duplicate Content
Duplicate Content Checker - DupeFreePro @
Plagiarism Detect @

HTML - Editors:
Kompozer @

Creation with Open Office @ www: - The Free and Open Productivity Suite
PDF Reader: FoxIt @

Graphic Edition Software
Gimp @ GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

Analysis Tools
Google Analytics @
StatCounter @

Please share your recommendations and I will update the list 2 times a day.

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