Promoting a Facebook Page with Guest Blogging.

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I am managing a facebook page in the fitness niche and was thinking about promoting it through guest posting on other blogs.

My plan is to create a power-packed free report and then promote the ebook and the facebook page as well via the guest post.

Do you think it will work?? Or do you think it works for blogs and not FB pages?

Also, if you know of any blogs that have good traffic(500 UV/day minimum) then please PM me. I have shortlisted a handful of blogs but need some more.

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    Hi Rome9t9, if you are looking for bloggers with related niche, you may want to check out which allow you to filter and search for blogs with relevant categories.

    Hope it helps.

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    I think the FB page is a good promotion in a way of contacting you. Getting personal with the blog reader. Don't use the FB page as your main homepage.. use it just as an avenue for the person to receive more vital information and maybe some bonus stuff.

    Or use the ebook to promote you and have the FB page in there (for more information you can "like" us at our fan page)
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    You can try to make sure that the blog site is getting good traffic...
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    Yea, I would hate to see a lot of work building traffic to your Facebook page go up in smoke when they shut you down for some violation or make a business killing policy change, again focusing the results of your effort on a domain name that you own insures continuity.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    It's a bad idea to make your Facebook page as a main page. Yes, Facebook is a good thing to promote.
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    It is definitely good to have a fanpage. However, as you know, fanpage belongs to facebook, just like blogger, squidoo, etc...You have no control...If anything happen to them, your effort is gone.

    So, make sure you do have a blog / site as your main page, then have your fanpage hub within your blog, so that visitors actually see your fans, etc...This will help to build trust and rapport and also leverage on facebook to make your page go even viral.

    Have a free gift for those who like your fanpage and this will definitely encourage them to spread the word for you.
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