14 mins of work + 20 days later => $173.12++ and growing ...

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Hi Warriors,

Pretty excited to be sharing with you my results using a particular method so far.

I've been marketing affiliate products using video for quite a while and have had pretty good success at it. And this is the first time I'm posting about it.

Earlier this month, I created a video clip that is under 3 minutes long. And uploaded the video to a few sites. This particular entire process took all of just 14 minutes. After uploading it, I left it alone (basically, no social bookmarking or anything of that sort was done for it).

2 days later, it started clocking sales for it and in 20 days, have already chalked up 9 sales transactions (as seen below). This is only just 1 example of the many different videos I've uploaded before.

Recently I've decided to create a quality video course to reveal and teach others how to market and make money using videos.

What I would like to know is ...
1) Is this some product you would personally be willing to pay for? If so, what's the price range? And if not, why not?
2) Assuming you're interested, what would you like to see in this video course?

Love to digest any inputs or answer any questions you may have.

Cheers and Blessings!

P.S. Chances are I'll also contribute a review copy (if and when I create this video course) to someone who provides the most contribution to this thread as well.
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    Video marketing is very powerful...

    What I do is treat my videos similar to articles... I target long-tail keywords and use the video directories high PR to get me on 1st page Google (obviously doesn't work 100%).

    Not only will videos work when direct linking like you have done, but they also can provide a steady stream of traffic to your site/sites. I find them much more effective for traffic generation than articles now a days.
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    Congratulations on the success!

    I feel this would be a great product to promote. People love video. That's all there is to it. If they have the choice between just reading a particular method in a book, or actually watching someone use the method and teach it at the same time, the video is usually more appealing.

    As far as the price goes, I would say that definitely depends on how much content there actually is. Will there be written content to compliment the videos, or just videos alone?

    If you develop a high converting sales page that is professional, $97 would not be too much, IMO.

    Of course you could then do a WSO and offer it for a fraction of that cost to help out your fellow Warriors.

    I wish you all the best!
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    Yup video marketing works for sure. No doubt there!

    ^^^Click The "UGLY BANNER" to "MAKE MONEY"^^^
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    Adam: What can I say? Totally agree with you. As far as effectiveness is concerned, that depends on the end results you're intending to achieve.

    StephenHenderson: There will be PDFs to accompany the videos that's for sure. And yes, I would love to do a WSO to give back to the community. Appreciate your inputs.

    Just to update the thread a little:

    Another sale came in for the particular niche which I posted earlier and the new screenie reflects that ...

    Really cool don't you think. I've no doubt that this one would eventually go on to produce $500 in due time.

    Ok now, I just thought I might provide yet another example to show how effective videos can be in providing passive income.

    Here's niche #2:

    This video was created back much earlier this year and took all of 12 minutes to create, upload and tag.

    It produced on average a sale every month for me (some months twice). The only month which did not produce for this particular video was back in March. No complains here.

    After refunds and 13 sales later ... nett profit of $296.68. Neat!

    Feel free to ask questions if you have any. (Don't ask about the niche though)

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        Nice work.

        Personally, I hate videos. If I have a book, I can read as quickly/slowly as I want to and then come back to certain pages, without having to sit in front of a device to watch through the video, not sure if I'll miss some nugget of info if I skip parts of it. Therefore, I attach no higher "perceived value" if videos are involved.

        But, if you can spin the sales letter with the attached clickbank screenshots, I'm sure you can charge about 20$ for a wso and about 50$ to the public with warrior testimonials included.

        My Questions are:

        1)How many sites did you upload the videos to?
        2)How did you advertise the videos after creating them? Did you build backlinks to them over time?
        3)What did you talk about in your videos?Your experiences with the product, or did you just talk about the product features and what it aims to do?

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    Hi Vijay,

    Apologies for the delay.

    Been enjoying New Year's day!

    It's interesting you say that you attach no higher "perceived value" if videos are involved because we sometimes forget that everyone is not the "majority".

    I'll be sure to include companion PDFs then.

    Ok, to answer your questions.

    1) Personally? No more than 8.
    2) I did no "advertising". Longtails help me get SE traffic and internal traffic of video sites were pretty good too.
    3) I talked about how the product can BENEFIT the people who use them. Also explained sometimes who the creator of the products were. Emphasized that products are backed by a money back guarantee. These are some of the things I mention. No more than 5 mins video length.

    Hope that helps.

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