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Hey guys, i thought I'd give you lot an update on where I'm at and what my plans are.

Atm, I'm still at step 16 in Doubling to a million and I have also converted to dollars. Cheating? Maybe, but I figure if your working with UK pounds you have to work nearly twice as hard as our US-based Doublers.

I have had next to no income coming in because I have been focusing on my blog trying to ramp up traffic and newsletter subscribers. I have had a few referrals for free services but no cash sales yet as far as I'm aware.

Traffic is around 50 hits a day, but most of that is coming from either a safe-list mail shot I use or a traffic-exchange program. I know visits from these are not real prospects, but the traffic should help my search engine rankings. Real visits such as from Google and other links are at about 5 per day on average.

All my doubling hopes are reliant on my newsletter which I hope to launch next weekend (!). It's my newsletter or bust (or at least a trip back to the drawing board).
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