how do i create a membership site

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hi all

i would like to create a membership site but have no idea where to start - i am on the understanding i need to create a website and install the software which website creator is the cheapest and easiest to use and also which membership site software is the cheapest and easiest to use sorry i am completely blind on websites as i have never created one before thanks
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    Do you have the content ready you want to provide? The terms? Do you know your niche well enough?

    Do you have a plan on how to drive traffic or where you are going to get your members from?

    Just want to make sure.

    Here is the thing. You should have some information on how your soon to be members like to consume their content.

    You can do a membership site strictly by having an autoresponder that delivers content, or with sites that are free to create but all run a bit differently.

    There are free scripts like wordpress and Joomla! and there are paid scripts.

    But building the site is/should be the last concern.

    So, you have content? What type of content is it? Audios? Videos? Ebooks?

    Do you have/need hosting? Have you got some branding and a domain name figured out?

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    There are a lot of paid membership scripts/software available from very cheap scripts with basic inclusions to very expensive scripts with everything you ever wanted included. Workout what you want in a script then apprise the various scripts.

    Also, there are both paid and free membership plugins for Wordpress blogs.

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    I recommend Internet Marketing WordPress Theme | WordPress For Internet Marketers for wordpress. It's similar to optimize press.

    You can create squeeze pages, landing pages, OTO, sales copy and membership area really easily.

    I purchased the 97$ membership and really like it so far. I haven't used the membership feature but it seems pretty versatile.
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    wjisitt, I've recently made my own membership site and I've fumbled my way through it. It's been done using WordPress and s2member. WordPress is rather easy to use and s2member has tons of great videos to get you going. PayPal integration for payments is included, and there are other payment processors if you upgrade. It's top notch and I'd definitely recommend you look at it.
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      thanks all for your help so far i do have the content ready and it is a savings membership website or directory so what im wanting to do is get everyones emailaddress when tehy first arrive-ive seen amemmber does this and then give access to some free and paid content. ive no idea how to design a website or put in the membership thingy - ive seen one called easymember pro - im really looking for advice on how to start a website from scratch with no site at all starting point
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        sorry if i do decide to use wordpress as the site - how many pages can i have because there would be several categories plus a forum etc
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    There is no limit to how many pages you can have on a Wordpress installation.

    I found this list of Wordpress membership plugins, that might help you out. There are a few free ones at the bottom.
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      That list seems a little out of date (for Your Members at least, a lot of the "No"s have been "Yes" for many years now).

      If you go down the WordPress path, then DAP, MemberWing, WishList and of course Your Members are the major players these days.

      Does your WordPress membership plugin allow you to protect and sell your content in Facebook too? Your Members does!.

      Glenn. Sales & Marketing guy at CodingFutures, web development agency and developers of Your Members.

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    Does anyone know if and what script Wealthly Affiliate uses? Or did Kyle and Carson get a programmer to do it for them?

    For more of my knowledge, go to my blog at

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    I've built membership sites in the past using Joomla and the AEC plug-in. They're both free/open source, and Joomla usually comes bundled with most hosting pacakages - especially if you have Cpanel and Fantastico.

    AEC supports Paypal and most credit card processors, and handles all the recurring billing etc..
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    Why not use wishlist member with your wordpress site? That would seem like the easiest way to go. I have tried s2member as well. Both are good, I found that wishlist was a bit easier to handle.

    If you are using wordpress, I would suggest picking a template that is able to handle the membership plugin. Optimize Press would be easiest, In my opinion, to use with wishlist member. If you're even the least bit technical, you can have it all set up in about and hour and a half. If you are highly technical, you could have it all set up in about 20 minutes. That's from the wordpress install in fantastico (cpanel) to up and running on the web. What seems to take the longest for me is when I purchase a domain name and change the nameservers to my reseller account.

    Another thing I like about OP is that it has shortcodes that you can use for membership images and sidebars.

    If you want an even faster membership site where all you have to do is upload your headers and content, go with Kajabi. I think you can get it for $97 a month. I'm not sure if they have a free trial or not.

    Hope that helped.
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