Your Damn Ad Didn't Work! 5 Common Problems & Quick Fixes Here!

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Over the last few months, I have been doing lots of ads, and had some hits and misses. I mean real hits and misses, learnt alot and in the process thought I would share some of my tips.

Have you ever run an ad and got no response. Dont worry, you are not alone, most people give up, but you just learnt a valuable lesson, didnt you. You learnt what did NOT work!!!

1- Your ad is not really BOLD ENOUGH

The big problem here for us was that people see hundreds of ads each day. Ours was not really sticking out. People see so much on TV, newspaper, ads, radio, internet etc. Sometimes we just tune out. But once in a while something does get through to us, like a shock ad, or a funny viral ad. We sit up and take notice dont we??

If it isnt bright bubbly, clever and attractive we just dont see it, right?

They key here is to make things stand out, in all your ads. You want to burn your message and your companies message on people mind. The big advertising firms do this very effectively. What ever it is the most unique selling advantage you need to push that. Make it the boldest.

It can all start with a simple idea, and can actaully go viral.


This was my big one. I kept sounding like everyone else. A big no no! People want to know what is in it for them, and know what your competiors offer. So try to be different or work in some hook to get them in. What sets you apart from everyone else out there...

Look for some sort of edge you can offer, or what sets you apart from the rest. It is there, if you look a bit harder than you normally would. Try to highlight something your competitors normally dont. That has been a big thing for our businesses. Often these are right infront of your eyes, without you knowing it.


I like the rule of sevens here. That is 7 out of 10 people will not reply to your ad the first time they see it. So it is important not to give up so fast. Just test small scale too.

I like to have a professional copywriter help me when writing my ads. Give it maximum selling power and persuation in the message. After a while, your audience tones to you, see you, and can end up buying from you.

4 - your ad worked ok, but your site LET YOU DOWN!

This is a common problem. People so see your ad, get exicted and visit your site but it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Maybe the order button was hiding or your copy just plainly stinks.

If you do not have a clear direaction on your site, no one will trust you or buy from you for that matter. Make sure you have good copy, your site is easy to navigate and your info is written in a clear and concise manner. Sometimes I will add a phone number, the fact tah someone can reach you by phone goes a long way to make people trust you. Testimonials are a must too. People these days want even more proof, before they hand over their money.

5 - you didnt stick to your MARKETING PLAN! ELSE

To be a good marketer i belive you have to have some sort of a game plan, from day 1. Your plan might not work right away, but you can edit that, fix it and dont give up. Most people toss in the towel right before things are about to turn around.

If an ad does not get the response that you thought it would, i would look to the above tips to see where you went wrong. I am sure you went wrong in one of these simple mistakes.... just fix it up and try again. NEVER GIVE UP!

Now go out there and GET EM' tigers!

To your online and offline profits :-)
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