Need little help with Wordpress - Rss part!

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Can someone please advice how do I remove that text from my site in the RSS section:

couldn't find it myself, been trying for an hour..
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  • Do you mean the text "dropdown" in the navigation menu?

    I'm not sure where to find your rss feed at, it's not located anywhere on the site and that is about the only abnormal thing I see on there dealing with text.

    Let me know,

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    Yes the text at the RSS feed text how do I change that its all chinees or whatever language it is, also few other things:

    1. why do I have "dropdown" word/thing below the logo how do I remove it?
    2. How do I manage the "advertise" section, how do I put my banner there?

    I would really appriated your help, I've already spend hours trying to figure this out, youtube videos aren't helping, thank you!
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    anyone please?!
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    I guess if it's not a widget (it's not, is it?) then it might be hardcoded into the theme. On the WP Dashboard goto the Appearance, Editor, then look for sidebar.php or something similar. Look at that code.

    If you can provide a link to where you got the theme I could dig into it, if you can't find it.
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    Thank you so much for the help, got one thing figured out of the "advertise" part, don't know how did I miss that.. but I'm still strugging with the "dropdown" word/thing below the logo how do I remove it? And the "rss" Chines word thing, how do I edit and manage it? Thank you so much in advance. By the way got the templates here: 960 Pixel Wordpress Theme - Free 960 Pixel Wordpress Theme Download
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    anyone please?!
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    To remove the dropdown:

    Go to your WP-Admin panel
    Go to Appearance > Editor
    Click on Header (header.php)
    Delete this code exactly:
                <li><a href="#" onmouseover="mopen('m1')" onmouseout="mclosetime()">DropDown</a>
                    <div id="m1" onmouseover="mcancelclosetime()" onmouseout="mclosetime()">
                        <a href="#">Use "exclude=ID" to hide the page</a>
                        <a href="#">And put it in the dropmeu like this</a>
                        <a href="#">Any Problem?</a>
                        <a href="#">Please ask sofish</a>
                        <a href="#" style="border:none;">E-Mail:</a>
    Click Update File
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    To change the RSS Feed.

    Replace feed.gif at wp-content\themes\960_pixel\images with this. Make sure the new one have same name (feed.gif).
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