Squidoo and Amazon, a winning duo?

by Emoney
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Hi Warriors, any of you guys successful with amazon and squidoo?

I just got approved for amazon associates, but I just realized I didn't need that lol.

Also, what's the best way to add backlinks to squidoo? Just social bookmarks?
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    While I have not done much with Squidoo, I will be doing so in the future, mainly for my thinking ahead strategy, as I have a few products that are new, and not out yet, and I am competing with Squidoo pages.

    When my new sites go into the google dance that Squidoo Page just sits stationary for the exact product I have the exact domain for.

    So in the future when I find a New product thats coming out in a few months, I will also build a quick squidoo page in addition to grabbing the exact domain for the product.

    Strangely i dont see too many other Squidoo pages in the top for my many other products I am on P1 for. Maybe that squidoo page will drop as competition increases for the product.

    We will wait and see.

    Kickin it on Amazon

    Gaz Cooper
    Amazon Cash King
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      Squidoo was the place where I first began writing online.

      I have been fascinated by a young girl named "SquidooGirl" who has been earning quite a bit from Squidoo through various affiliate networks like Amazon.

      She has earned alot there, in a relatively short time. I have analyzed her work, and while I do have some reservations about applying some of her methods, it is still quite interesting nonetheless. She has been essentially using Squidoo to drive traffic strait to Amazon in some very interesting and creative ways. You will see this if you look at her lenses. My concerns over her content reach out into the broader implications on the life of the site in context of how I believe Google perceives quality....something that many people could care less about, anyway, in their pursuit of maximizing their own profits.
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    When I started affiliate marketing, I also used Squidoo to promote products. It is good when it comes to traffic generation but after a month I realize that I can earn something bigger with affiliate marketing+google adsense. I set up a wordpress website for the same product I promote, add google adsense and made some SEO and it makes me earn more of sales.

    In short, I think it is better to build your own site than promoting using free sites. I don't even see high ranking Squidoo pages in med competition keywords.
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    I also have been reading about squidoogirl , seems to have her online earnings with squidoo down to a t, I recommend you take a look at her site. -squidoogirl
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      Originally Posted by pathart View Post

      I also have been reading about squidoogirl , seems to have her online earnings with squidoo down to a t, I recommend you take a look at her site. -squidoogirl
      Beyond her blog, be sure to visit and analyze her content.

      I'm fascinated by her earnings, but then, like I said, I do have a few reservations in doing the same thing with my content.....many of her lenses are near identical in content, and are almost 'too' commercial: remember Squidoo has already been slammed very hard in Google, in the past, and, as we have seen it's not beyond them to do it again if they perceive that Squidoo is producing low quality content...

      My concerns and reservations are moreso rooted in the broader implications that 'some' of her content 'may' have on the collective ranking and authority of the site.
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    Yes, Squidoo ranks quite highly in Google. Ping your lenses after you post them.
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